Volunteer Newsletter: From Our House to Yours| Issue XVIII

25 Days of Cheer is our way of making the families staying at the House feel warm and welcome this holiday season. This year our staff and volunteer groups organized 25 Days filled with fun events for the families staying at the House.

This week's highlight comes from our first Miracle on 73rd Street Event, hosted by our friends at the FDNY and NYPD. They decided to put a spin on their regular Christmas visits where the group would bring their Santa, do some caroling and handout presents to all the kids. This year, Santa visited the kids by way of a Firetruck. Families were able to look out their windows to see Santa, with the lights of the police and fire vehicles lighting up 73rd Street. Gifts will be handed out on Christmas Day, fulfilling each families’ Wishlist. It was a very special evening for our families that even made the news!

Check out the video:

Thank you Ess-a-bagel, Perkin + Will, Bloomberg, EJ's Luncheonette, Candyland, Tenth and Pike, Bernstein, Site Centers, Todd Par, RBC, Virtu Capital Markets, McDonalds, Little Beet, Chopt, NYJL, Melba's Restaurant, Good Co Bike, PVH, Lexington Candy Shop, Deutsche Bank, Penske Trucking, Tony's DiNapoli, Deloitte and Cindy Gavin.

Rose-Ann D Piccinich

Team: Special Events

Profession: Banking

How Rose-Ann became involved at the House: In 2013 I was asked to arrange a team building event for a new group of employees at JPMC. The employees enjoyed volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and I continued to be a liaison between RMH-NY and JPMC employees.

Years Volunteering at House: 7 Years.

Favorite Events or Activity: The RMH-NY hosts amazing events and activities for the kids and their families The employees do all the heavy lifting and it is an honor to volunteer alongside them and other volunteers. While I enjoy all the events, my favorites are the Annual Block Party and the Heroes Volunteer Event. It is great to see so many people come together for the kids and their families.

Volunteer Goal: Most of us have already experienced health challenges directly or indirectly and I can only imagine the challenges parents face when their child has been impacted with a life-threatening illness. I feel privileged to be able to provide a brief distraction for these children and their families

Highlight of Volunteering at RMH-NY: While volunteers are a very small part of the RMH NY experience, it is rewarding to know that we positively impact their struggle throughout these challenging times. Additionally, it is wonderful to work with such compassionate individuals who give so much of themselves for the sake of these children.

What do you miss most about not Visiting the house since quarantine began: While I've missed visiting these months, due to quarantine, I feel most sorry for the children. I look forward to the day when it's safe for all volunteers to be back sharing their love.

“The RMH-NY is not just a house, it is truly a gift beyond measure. Without the House many of these children would not have the opportunity to fight for their lives. The House provides all their necessities and much more. ”- Rose-Ann

Article submitted by Helena Russo, Communications Volunteer.

Welcome Bags

Corporate sponsor, Union Bank made welcome bags for our new families filled with goodies and essential items for families to use during their stay. The families were delighted! We would like to extend a big thank you to our friends at Union Bank for making this possible.

Book Reading with Todd Parr & Musical Guest Isolde

Our wonderful friend Jill Sharfstein donated books for our virtual book reading with Todd Parr. Todd read through his Joyful and Kindness book that brought together very important messages right before the holidays!

Isolde and her mother Starr performed three beautiful songs throughout the evening. Singing along to Wheels on the Bus and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. We had some serious dance moves from the kids going on during this special performance. In between all the smiles and singing Todd introduced us to his three adopted pups; Pete, Tater Tot and Jerry who were eager to steal some of Todd’s mac and cheese dinner!

All of Todd’s book hold a special place in his heart but Mariana was curious which were his absolute favorite! He explained he has multiple favorites but for different reasons. First “It’s Okay To Make Mistakes” because that is how we all learn. The second “It’s Okay Too Be Different” as this helps us inspire to learn about others’ differences. The third and final is “Be Who You Are”, when Todd was younger, he had trouble reading and he did not let that hold him back, now he’s an author!

We all learned several important things throughout the night but two lessons really stood out ‘Always Be Yourself & It’s Easy to Be Kind’.

Submitted by: Aurora Brennan, Communications Volunteer.

Tips on Setting Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

With 2021 fast approaching, people are beginning to talk about New Year’s resolutions. If you’re thinking about setting healthy resolutions for the new year, here are a few tips to keep them attainable but still challenging.

  • When choosing something completely new, set a goal that isn’t too time consuming. For example, if you want to learn how to do a push-up, commit to following a push-up YouTube video 1-2 times a week.
  • If you already follow a healthy lifestyle, try to challenge yourself and think of areas where you can improve. Are you drinking enough water? Stretching after workouts? New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be drastic lifestyle changes – they can be small changes that complement your everyday life!
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t keep up with your resolution 100%. If your goal is to meditate every morning but you only do 3-4 days a week, that is ok! Any wellness-focused activity is better than none.

Submitted by: Kelly Chu, Communications Volunteer


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