The Ruins of Peru By Mayra Saenz

Machu Picchu: a sight to see and enjoy while visiting Peru. Incas used to live here but they grew to be instinct. Now thousands of tourist come to visit these ruins to learn about their history.

Positives of Peru

There is interesting history

They have fun expressing their culture

They enjoy their tourist, they take care of them

They have famous tourist sights

"Peru is one of the to 17 countries in the world with the most fresh water, but it is one of the top 30 countries that is suffering from water pollution. "

The water pollution is a major issue in Peru. They hold a huge amount of freshwater but it is polluted. The citizens must clean the water so it can be drinkable. They boil it so clean the bacteria, they put it through a filter to clean out the dirt. This is only one of many ways to clean out the water. It is preferred for visitors to drink out of plastic water bottles.

Peru support gay rights and is encouraging their country neighbors to make gay marriage legal.


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