Sink it or Ship it? Our Top 10 favorite Shark Tank Products by Eleanor Mancini

1. Squatty Potty

Designed to bring you back to a former, less developed time- the squatty potty does just what its name suggests- it props your legs up so you feel like you’re squatting. According to their science, this is how you are meant to use the restroom, as in ancient times, we squatted. Thus, our bodies are meant to squat, and this makes an all-around more effective bathroom experience.

The Squatty Potty- available at Bed Bath and Beyond $24.99

2. Scrub Daddy

The Scrub Daddy, in it's finest

This, with a little less evident of a name, is a scrub-sponge. It’s not just any formula though. A chemical formula turns the sponge rigid when in cold water and soft in warm water. Therefore, no matter what occasion, you only need one brush.

3. Citi Kitty

The Citi Kitty is a unique invention intended to turn your cat into a more... civil being. This product trains cats to sit on the porcelain throne- yes, the one in the bathroom that you use too!

4. Phone Soap

We all know our phones are dirty- some sources say it’s even 10x dirtier than a toilet seat. This product uses UV lights to kill 99.9% of the bacteria.

5. Drop Stop

Ever drop your keys in that annoying gap between the seats in your car? This perfectly sized piece of material acts as a seat gap filler so you never lose your phone, pen caps, snacks, or coins. Fits any size gap and works with seat belts.

6. Everly Well, allergy testing

Having stomach aches, skin problems, sore joints, or rashes? Often times, these are your bodies reaction to food sensitivities you may not know you have. It can be expensive and cumbersome to make an appointment, go to the doctor, and get allergy tested. This product allows you to test these sensitivities with a lab kit you can do at home.

7. The Original Comfy

Loved the snuggy, but want a more all-around comfort? The Original Comfy is here for you. This is the perfect mixture between two favorites- a blanket and a sweatshirt. You could wear it out or in- this oversized, extra fluffy, maximumly comfortable item is good for all occasions.

8. Bombas

One of the most successful SharkTank pitches, these socks are high quality, made from merino wool, but are so special because they’re created to make a difference. With every pair of socks bought, one is donated to a local homeless shelter. They have now donated over 25 million pairs.

9. Unshrinkit

This product helps when you’ve made the most annoying mistake- shrinking your favorite clothes in the wash. It has a formulated solution which returns the fabric to its original size with one wash.

10. Baker’s Edge

Everyone's favorite piece of the pan- the edge

This delicious idea gives every brownie an edge. For those who love the corner pieces, this pan makes every piece a corner piece.