Ocean The ocean is a beautiful place to be

The whale have blubber to survive in the cold water.

Sharks survive by eating other things like baby sharks or fishes.They use gills to breath under water.

Otters have dense fur that helps them survive in water.

Sea weeds clorophyll and other pigments are adapted to absorb lights in whatever sea depth they prefer to live.

Algae use bromic and chlorine for chemical defense.

Kelp provides shelter and food for lots of sea creatures.

The rose can't survive in the ocean because she dies and plants don't need olot of water or they will drown.

The cacti cant survive in the water because they don't really need olot of water or they will die.

The tiger can't survive in the ocean because he doesn't need a lot of water or they will not survive.

They can't survive in water because they don't have gills.

This is a graph of how has the ocean changed in time.

Here are some details of the ocean.

This is trash in the oceans.

We are going to help not to throwing trash in the ocean.

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