My vision board By Will Eerhard 8E

Travel the world

Travel around Australia

Build a house

Get good grades at school

Be fit and healthy

Do lots of sports

Be adventurous

Get a good job

Be more spiritual

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful desinations - Unknown


Created with images by skeeze - "world earth planet" • asmuSe - "travel aershan shoes" • eutrophication&hypoxia - "Satellite Image of Australia" • Walkerssk - "uluru australia monolith" • andrewarchy - "Pool" • 955169 - "hammer nail sky" • Meditations - "algebra analyse architect" • geralt - "leave board hand" • Stevebidmead - "runners male sport" • RyanMcGuire - "stretching sports woman" • Hans - "grass rush juicy" • smjbk - "20100522_A700_056" • Jemps - "Surf" • Stupid Dingo - "Climbing the ridge" • thedailyenglishshow - "Festival of Surf Sport" • Moyan_Brenn - "Adventure" • Hermann - "wanderer backpack hike" • Maestro_AU - "Money" • Unsplash - "blogging blogger office" • PIRO4D - "feng shui zen stones"

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