Just in Time 2019 editions coming up: Brussels, Singapore, Reykjavík

Just in Time started in 2016 as a dance heritage project. The idea behind it is to consider dance history as an instantaneous and local phenomenon written by people from their memories, experiences and desires. This project creates a collective and messy imaginary world which is created hand in hand by the amateur, the left-out, the other, the kid, the professional. The aim is not to claim an alternative history, but rather to add a chaotic and open source to the clean and curated trajectory of the so called dance history.

For the Just in Time project we work with local communities in different cities across the world. We start with workshops where we introduce ourselves and the project, and then we facilitate discussions about dance. We do this by leading choreographic games and creating space for open discussion. These discussions usually center around personal stories from all the participants. Together, we begin to analyze the field of dance through language and through the act of writing. We first ask that the participants write or draw their favorite movements. This acts as a warm up into the writing practice. After that we ask that they directly address dance in the form of a letter. This is an opportunity for one to write down one’s own experiences with dance, whether it is moments of happiness or frustrations, all experiences are taken into consideration. In each city we want to meet many different communities, from professional dancers to elderly people, from school kids to people suffering from disease, from social projects to university libraries. The most fulfilling aspect of this project is the culmination of the project as a whole. At the end of the series of workshops we hold a ball in which we ask all the people who participated in the workshops to join us for a final dance. This event is a chance for all the people we have met to come together and dance the favourite movements that were written down by the other participants. We enjoy this experience very much especially since we get to meet people from all diverse kinds of backgrounds and talk about dance. We are continuously building a growing resource from all the letters of dance we have received in Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York, Düsseldorf, Los Angeles ... and all the places that this project will travel to in the future.

Just in Time is our most radical approach to audience inclusion yet, because the entire project is built together with the audience who provide the content (letters), choreographic material (favorite movements) and performance (ballroom) of the Project.

Kattrin Deufert & Thomas Plischke (aka deufert&plischke)

For each edition of Just in Time we organize workshops with local communities. We visit schools, nursing homes, dance schools, theatre groups, book clubs …

And we ask the participants of the workshops to write down their favorite movements and to also write a personal letter to dance. So far we have collected about 800 letters and published a selection of them in a wonderful book made in collaboration with Kareth Schaffer and Serge Rompza (NODE Berlin_Oslo).

You can buy this book at the bookshop Einar&Bert. There are only 500 copies printed so be fast if you want one of them!

Apart from the workshops we collected letters and favorite movements all over the cities. Here we are at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin.

Some actually sent us their letters and movements! So far we have collected more than 8oo letters. We will gradually publish all of them online by the end of 2018! Sing in to our newsletter to keep being posted!

For the ballrooms we always also take some movements from the previous cities and mix them with the local ones. This movement from Berlin became one of the favorites in all of the ballrooms!

Just in Time Ballroom Los Angeles 2018

The Berlin Ballroom was the first. People met in the wonderful Ballroom at the Bibliothek am Luisenbad. In Berlin "Turkish Wedding Dances" were amongst the favorite movements as you can see...

In Tel Aviv Kareth Schaffer and Roni Katz were doing the workshops and collected wonderful letters from different communities.

The Ballroom in Tel Aviv at the Tmuna Theater was simply magic and a wonderful celebration of dance!

For the New York Ballroom the set designer of the project Valentina Primavera did an amazing set design again!

Also for Berlin she did all the magic with balloons. In the end everybody who came for the ballroom took some balloons home. Imagine the long trains of the subway 8 (U8) going to Kreuzberg after the performance, filled with people holding balloons!
Valda Setterfield reading her "Letter To Dance" at the end of the New York Ballroom.

The Ballroom happened at the University Settlement and it was hosted wonderfully by Alison Fleminger (photo) and the Goethe Institute. Scroll down to read more about the wonderful people and institutions who are behind this project .

Alison Fleminger

In New York Brian "HallowDreamz" Henry performed his "Letter To Dance" during the Ballroom. It was wonderful, touching, impressive.

Brian "HallowDreamz" Henry aka Lil Mijo and some of the THE NUU KNYNEZ really enjoyed the set design!

In Los Angeles we visited the Teatro de las Americas in Camarillo. What an amazing group of people! Again we have learned so much about dance!

One of the wonderful aspects of the project is that we meet people. Just in Time is not just a touring performance, but a format that includes workshops where the participants in the workshops help us create the ballroom in the end of the project. In Los Angeles we have met wonderful people, amongst them Jennifer Jonassen (photo) who runs the Intrepid Dance Project. Check out their website!

The Ballroom at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles was incredible. The mix of people and the energy were fantastic. We also never had such a big crowd of people!

For each edition of Just in Time we also ask local artists to read or perform their "Letter to Dance"

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The Just in Time Project was made possible with the help and participation of: Niels Bovry, Franky Dee, Signal Dahan, Kattrin Deufert, Alain Franco, Michal Gefen, Annett Hardegen, Brian "HallowDreamz" Henry, Beth Hogan, Kate Hutter-Mason, Miriam Jakob, Roni Katz, Omer Krieger, Eric Mason, Bettina Masuch, Lee Meir, Barbara Müller-Wittmann, Janet Panetta, Thomas Plischke, Valentina Primavera, Marina Aikaterini Rouka, Kareth Schaffer, Valda Setterfield, Breayre Tender, Shade Theret, Jamie Wright.

The Just in Time Project has been made possible by funding of the Tanzfonds Erbe – an initiative by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Coproduction of the Goethe Institute Munich. In cooperation with Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv, the Goethe Institutes New York and Los Angeles, University Settlements New York, Odyssey Theatre Los Angeles, Tanzhaus NRW.

Funded by NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Departments of Culture and Arts of the German federal state.

Images from the workshops and ballrooms in Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles by deufert&plischke, Kareth Schaffer and David Kaplan.


deufert&plischke, David Kaplan, Kareth Schaffer

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