Martin Van Buren By:David DiDomenico

Early Life

Kinderhook, New York

Kinderhook, New York is where Martin Van Buren was born. The date was December 5, 1782. Father was a tavern keeper and farmer. When he was young he grew quickly in New York politics.

Martin Van Buren was the 8th president of the U.S. His presidential term was 3/4/1837 - 3/4/1841.
One of Jackson’s strongest allies in official cabin. Secretary of State for president Jackson. Part of Jackson’s kitchen cabinet.
Martin Van Buren had 5 sons: Abraham Van Buren, Martin Van Buren Jr., Lawrence Martinse Van Buren, John Van Buren, Smith Thompson Van Buren
Martin Van Buren died, July 24, 1862 at Kinderhook, at the of age 79. His resting place was at the Kinderhook Cemetery.


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