Krill Trap By: Shannon Moise

Genus Name: Euphausiacea

Species Name: Muscipula

The zone in which the Krill Trap resides is the Photic Zone. In the Photic Zone it specifically resides in the Euphotic zone. Some abiotic factors of this zone is the temperature and the sunlight.

It is a very fast moving organism when it comes time to catch its prey, so it gives to prey no time to react before it is eaten.

My plant is a non-moving organism, that is stuck to a solid surface using a hold fast.

It has a mouth and teeth and since it is both a carnivore and a plant, it eats krill for the nutrients and photosynthesizes for the energy.

It is relatively the height of rose with stem and the head is about as wide as a sunflower.

It is light green on the head and dark green on the stem; It has these colors so it can appear like a regular plant to catch prey and hide from predators.

It is kind of benthic because it attaches at the floor (if in the Euphotic Zone) or to any solid grounding allowed in the Euphotic Zone.

Since it is still considered a plant, it can't really breathe. However, it does absorb oxygen or carbon dioxide from the water.

It reproduction system work by involving a diploid and haploid stage. The haploid stage starts to occur when the "parent" releases multiple spores, which then go and grow up and take their place.

Created By
Shannon Moise


Created with images by NOAA Photo Library - "expl2142"

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