Bob Marley Tribute "Ital is vital"

On February 4, 2017, S.A.D. to S.O.L presents a tribute to Bob Marley at the Inspiration Center in Nashville, TN.

Nashville, Tennessee/Photo: Brittany Thomas

This event was sponsored by members of the S.A.D to S.O.L Movement. (Standard American Diet to Savering Our Lives)

Bob Marley Album/Photo: Brittany Thomas

Bob Marley music played in the background while the presentation of food and healthy fellowship, and testimonials were shared amongst those that attended.

Yolanda Manning (Host)/Photo: Brittany Thomas

Host, Yolanda Manning provides a live demonstration of how to make guacamole from fresh ingredients. She also opened the floor by giving her personal testimony on how she was able to lose weight and heal herself using food of the earth and natural remedies.

Guacamole made by Yolanda Manning/Photo: Brittany Thomas

Those in attendance for this Bob Marley tribute were able to give input on what was included in the day's guacamole. Some of the ingredients included: avocados, Himalayan salt, red and white onions, and an assortment of peppers.

The Inspiration Center, Nashville, Tennessee/Photo: Brittany Thomas

Today's spread cooked and prepared by Yolanda Manning and associates. There were plenty of healthy options to choose from.

Food samples provided by S.A.D. to S.O.L/Photo: Brittany Thomas

There were many local attendees testifying that by changing their diet and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, their health improved greatly. Diseases that once plagued them such as diabetes, cancer, cavities lessened when rechecked by their dentist and or physicians.

Quinoa Soup by Yolanda Manning/Photo: Brittany Thomas

The forum was an open discussion and in turn allowed the attendees to share stories and recipes that help support the "Ital is Vital" movement.

Bob Marley painted by artist, N'Digo Kali, Nashville, Tennessee/Photo: Brittany Thomas

During the presentation of food and sharing of knowledge, local Nashville artist N'Digo Kali created a live painting of the reggae star, Bob Marley.

Supporting local Nashville businesses. Attendees from S.A.D. to S.O.L/Photo: Brittany Thomas
S.A.D. to S.O.L Movement 2017/Photo: Brittany Thomas
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Photography by Brittany Thomas

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