CAL POLY Annie Le Piere

"Learn by Doing."

(Institutional research, 2016)

California Polytechnic State University, founded March 8, 1901, is one of the two polytechnic in the SCU system.

(California Polytechnic State University, 2016)


Out of state residents pay $2,085 more than in state residents. This leads to an $11,160 total tuition. In addition to that, I will pay $15,453 for books, housing, and dining. Cal Poly provides student insurance that costs $1,311. All the miscellaneous and recreational fees sums up to $22,116. Adding 10% of the sub-total for additional expenses brings us to the grand total per year at Cal Poly: $55,105.16


(Robert L. Gibson Astroid Day, December 1, 2015)

Robert L. Gibson earned a bachelor degree of science in aeronautical engineering at Cal Poly in 1969. He then went on to become an American professional pilot and NASA astronaut.


(The Poly P, 2016)

In 1919, the 'P' made it's first appearance in the Cal Poly student newspaper. Made originally as an 'H' for San Luis Obispo High School, it began the famous rivalry between the San Luis Polytechnic school and high school. The school battled between pride, changing the letter form an 'H' to a 'P' countless times. The now permanent 'P' is used along with white bedsheets to spell out messages , even marriage proposals. It has been used to spell fraternities, sororities, clubs, or popular current events. The maintenance and cleaning of the letter is determined through a series of fun activities between the freshmen and sophomore year classes. The 'P' was brightened before every football game and if Poly won the game, the 'P' would be change to a 'V' for victory. Finished May 1957, the Cal Poly 'P' still overlooks the campus today.

During the opening kickoff of every home game, students of Cal Poly shake their keys to start up the game. The keys are also taken out when Cal Poly seems to have a lead in the game and Cal Poly students chant, "Start the bus".


(Cal Poly Mustangs, 2017)
(Mustang News, 2013) (Cal Poly football, 2016) (Football, 2014) (California Polytechnic University, 2014)

With their mascot the Musty the Mustang, Cal Poly had it's first football season in 1915. Their rivalry with UC Davis began in 2004. The famous Cal Poly and Fresno State rivalry dates back to 1922, resulting in the two playing regular games between 1945 and 1985. Cal Poly is currently losing against both rivals.


(Highlights in the history of Cal Poly, 2016)

Governor Gage establish California Polytechnic School on March 8, 1901 when he signed the bill that states Cal Poly is “to young people of both sexes mental and manual training in the arts and sciences, including agriculture, mechanics, engineering, business methods, domestic economy and other branches as will fit the students for non-professional walks of life.”

On October 1, 1903 the first class in held with a total enrollment of 20 students, which rises in the next two year to 60 students.

1968- Cal Poly created the school of architecture.

1947- Cal Poly became a college .

1973- Cal Poly became a university.



I plan to pay for my college experience with scholarships, job paychecks, and the loving support of my parents. The scholarships I plan to apply for qualify for academics, interest in architecture, and being the descendant of a veteran.


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