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This is one of my favorite winter images. I snapped it during a rare New Bern snow event, back in 2014, while driving (which I rarely do). I know I should have pulled over, got out of the car, set up the tripod, etc. I just didn't. Cold and lazy, I guess. Anyway this road is actually the private tree-lined driveway that leads to the swanky (and exclusive) New Bern Golf and Country Club.

I'm Bruce Wise... Long time resident here in New Bern, NC. Workwise, I'm a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Social Media Developer, and Digital Photographer. Otherwise, I'm a husband, dad, and granddad. Want to know more? Click the little button below:

This is the annual lighting of the Christmas Tree. The downtown event has become the official kick-off of the holiday season here in New Bern. We sang Christmas Carols too, even though it was warm enough to wear shorts! The photo was taken by photographer Bob Mackowski with Open Aperture Photography.

The CRAVEN FOUNDRY BUILDING is located in the 200 block of Craven Street. This photo was taken during a rare 2014 snowfall in historic New Bern, (in eastern NC). This legendary building is now home to the offices of A.G. Salem & Associates, Certified Public Accountants on the left side, and on the right is Trent River Coffee... very popular with the local crowd.
Intrepid winter shoppers made there way in the snow, to Mitchell Hardware, which is located in downtown New Bern, NC. The store is definitely the go to place for all things winter (as well as all the other seasons). Wondering where customers might actually USE sleds here in such a flat land area? It's true. We don't have many hills, but we have a few, and they are awesome!
Sledding on the "few" hills we have here in New Bern.
It's Party Time at "Bear Plaza" in downtown New Bern, NC. This is where the "winter magic" happens during the Christmas Holidays. (it even snows on the weekends!) Bear Plaza is located right in the center of the downtown retail district, thus connecting Middle Street to Craven Street, and Pollock Street... with lots to see and do along the way. Bear Plaza is a popular meeting place, it's the picture-taking place, it's the dancing with Olaf place, it's the cookie & candy place, and best of all... it's the "Beary Merry Christmas" place where Santa and Mrs Clause can be found every day and night.
Every year, Downtown New Bern transforms into a magical Christmas Village.
And it Snows Every Weekend! (Man-made snow, but STILL!)
Mr and Mrs Claus taking a quick much-needed break, from taking photos with the kids at the "Santa House" in Bear Plaza.

New Bern's Downtown Retail District has lots to see and do--day or night: Art Galleries, Coffee shops & Bars, Gift Shops, Deli's & Restaurants, Sweet Shops... and even parks for the kids.

A snowy day at Mitchell Hardware, serving New Bern since 1898.
The Historic Residential District, even prettier in snow.
Candy Cane Wrapped Light Poles Bring Christmas to the streets.
Free Christmas Movies for some relaxing family fun. Come in Your PJ's, Bring Snacks, Sleeping Bags, Popcorn and More!
What a sight! Snow by the water's edge. Even the Gulls Like it!
Among other things, New Bern is the Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola!
This is the Historic Clock Tower (pristine covered in snow). Its located at the corner of Craven and Pollock Streets.
Snowy Pollock Street, is quite a scene today, here in Historic Downtown New Bern. You can barely see the Clock Tower!
Stately Tryon Palace and Gardens is one of New Bern's most visited destinations. Oh and this IS a winter photo (just no snow).
Sledding in New Bern? Well we make the snow & ice. And the slopes are manmade too. But it's still always LOTS of Fun!

Sledding Photos: Bob MacKowski, with Open Aperture Photography.

More Photos of this unique little NC town can be found at OurNewBern.com. Planning a visit? Start here at VisitNewBern.com

All photos (unless otherwise noted) are the property of Bruce Wise, and may not be used without permission. Inquiries should be directed to: bruce@brucewise.com

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