Elementary Students Participate in Holiday-Themed Activities

Elementary school students from across the William Floyd School District recently celebrated the last day of October/first day of November with some special Halloween and harvest-themed educational activities!

At William Floyd Elementary School, the third-grade class held a vocabulary parade in which students dressed up as their favorite word and walked through the hallways for all to see.
The first-grade students in Jessica Miller’s and Jessica Wallace’s class at John S. Hobart Elementary School held their annual Vocabulary Hat Day Parade! The students choose their favorite vocabulary word and decorated a hat representing that word. Students then walked around the school to show off their special hats and help spread the holiday-themed fun!
The second-grade students at Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School made special trees out of their hand prints on a canvas to celebrate the harvest season. Parents were invited to help assist the students in making their unique trees to bring home as decorations for the fall season!
Using pumpkins from a class trip, third-grade students at Moriches Elementary School participated in “Pumpkin Investigations,” which featured six different stations in which the students would “investigate” their pumpkin, including its height, width, weight, whether it would sink or float in water and more!
Moriches Elementary School staff and students also wore orange or black for “Spirit Day”.
The fourth-grade students at Tangier Smith Elementary School participated in a character book project in which they read a fictional book and wrote an essay analyzing the main character. They focused on character traits as well as how and why the character changed in the story. Then they created a pumpkin to resemble that character.
Mrs. Carasiti's fourth-grade class at Tangier Smith Elementary School created "Perimeter and Area Monster Glyphs,” a fun and educational activity in which students drew and colored their own monsters while also reviewing geometrical lessons they learned in class.
Mr. Melandro’s fifth-grade class at Tangier Smith Elementary School took part in activities based on the "Day of the Dead,” a Mexican celebration held each year on November 1. Students wrote spooky stories and practiced Halloween-themed multiplication facts! The class also decorated pumpkins generously donated by parents to take home as a souvenir for their memorable day.