Social Structure, Class and Traditions by leann scott

The social classes during the Victorian era shaped the lives and duties of the civilization and helped establish the traditions we practice today.

  • While social classes were not primarily based on income, they were very dependent on the family or class you were born into.
  • With the main classes, working, middle and upper, there were different groups in between each, such as the sunken class.
  • We used the structure of the Victorian Era for inspiration as we shaped our modern day classes.
  • All social classes had expectations. The civilians in each group strived to meet the standards to be gentlemen or ladies; just as we try to meet our society's standards today.
  • The gender views were primarily the same in each class, to have great morals and be proper.
  • The only difference was in the women's role. The upper class women did house work, while the working class women were expected to have a job.
  • The Victiorain Era celebrated many of the same traditions we do today, for example Christmas.
  • Although there have been some changes, how they celebrated Christmas was very similar. Instead of opening presents on Christmas Day the children would open them on Christmas Eve, which was then followed by a large meal.
  • Summer vacations were also taken in the Victorian time period, and they mainly went to the beach and rented a house ( due to your class and income ).

The Victorian Era and our Era have much more in common than we thought. The traditions, gender expectations, and social classes influenced our current culture today.


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