TIEN張天 Where east meets west

Fierce, Fresh, Formidable... Tien is a new breed of international artist from Greater China. Singing in both English and Mandarin, her powerful and soulful voice brings a unique style to the region.

Last year, Tien exploded onto the China music scene as a contestant on China's biggest music show Singer歌手 2018, below are highlights of her amazing performances

She launched her debut single in late 2017, below are highlights from Tien's launch party at the MCM Flagship store in Hong Kong

Tien released her self titled album 'Tien' in June 2018 in China to critical acclaim. Below is what international songwriter Curtis Richa had to say about working with Tien on her debut album

Tien - Tien (Debut album)

Tien's eponymous debut album “Tien” is a electrifying album that conspires a multitude of genres ranging from Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk and MandoPop. Kelvin Avon, it’s executive producer, along with MoFo Music crafted a sonic masterpiece with Tien that will ignite both East and West audiences alike. Composing with them both, we were creatively free to craft songs that also embraced various music eras. From the Motown-Inspired “Breathless” all the way to the 90’s rock inspired “I Don’t Care” to the haunting futuristic pop ballad “Carousel”, Tien’s debut album leaves nothing to chance. You will be lead through a odyssey of sound and visceral emotion as each composition weaves a magnetic story and energy all of it’s own. The album is in fact a digital imprint encased with feelings of love, heartbreak, restoration, strength and redemption wrapped up in the fiery and soulful stylings of Tien’s distinctively impressive vocal. “Tien” will ultimately be considered a classic album that will stand the test of time.

Curtis Richardson (Rihanna, J-Lo, Craig David, Shinee, Sandy Lam)

Soulful, Unique, Fierce
"If you haven’t heard of Tien Chong yet, you soon will"

Sean Dinsmore, #Legend Magazine

Official Lyric Video - Funkistry

Official Music Video - 不在乎 (I Don't Care)

Official Music Video - 過呼吸 (Breathless)

Tien - On & On (Studio Cover)

Sennheiser - Sense of Living Feature

Tien's mixed heritage enables her to bridge the gap from East to West, bringing together the best of both cultures. Check out her social media links below

A new voice for the Greater China region

Tapping into music from the 70's, Tien's music creates a touch of nostalgia for some, whilst introducing a whole new sound to others. Packed with Big beats, horns, strings, & synths, Her album combines the best of both live and electronic instruments creating a fusion of not just cultures but music styles as well.

She is the face for Rejoice Shampoo in China and Tien has worked with brands such as Sennheiser, MCM, DBS, Haagen Das, Tide, Burt's Bees, HTC, J&M Shoes, Ingrid Millet and many more.

She has performed at Havana's National Theatre (Cuba), Strawberry Festival (Beijing/Shanghai), HK Convention Centre (HK), Wynn Place Casino (Macau), Singapore's Capitol Theatre, Atlas Bar (Singapore). She also recently won an award for Best New Artist 2018 at the Guangdong Radio & TV awards in China.

Recently, her song Carousel was chosen as the global promotional song for hollywood movie Adrift starring Sam Claflin & Shailene Woodley. She was invited to LA where she was asked to walk the red carpet.

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Photos by Timon@reddogstudio