The Train Ride a story about tee and his mom.

  • They had arrived at the presidential debate. After that, they went to McDonald. They talked about the debate and tee said "I found that boring". "What makes you say that?" said tee's mom. Then they started arguing about the debate. Tee's mom won, then they went to the train station.

When they arrived at the station, they found out that there train had already left an hour ago! They both said "oh-no!". They had to wait another 5 hours for the train.

So, they went to the park for 4 hours. Then they went back to the station which took them half-an hour to get there. They got on the train and left to go back home.

But then they found out that they had taken the wrong train! :O so they had to wait until they got back to that station. then they got on the right train, waited for there stop, and got off and went home.

O_________________________________________________________________________________O he's always watching


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