12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men is about a group of jurors and they have to determine weather the kid is guilty or not guilty. The kid is claimed to kill his dad by witnesses, one witness said she looked out the window and saw it happen as the eltrain is passing by. The other witness says he heard him say "I'm gonna kill you" and then a body hit the floor he rushed to the door and saw him running down the stairs. The 12 Men go to the jury room and discuss weather the kid is guilty or not. At first they take a vote if guilty or not it was 11 guilty 1 not guilty. Juror 8 voted not guilty, they discuss for about 1 hour. Then juror 8 made a proposition that they take another vote but the votes have to be a secret, he wont vote and if all are guilty they will take it to the judge. So they voted it ended up being 1 not guilty and 10 guilty. Counting juror 8 the vote is 2 not guilty 10 guilty. So they talk for awhile prove some really good points then they take a final vote. the final vote ended up being 12 not guilty and 0 guilty.

This next column is advice from juror 8. Juror 8 biggest problem was trying to stand up for what he thought was right. Juror 8 the whole play never changed sides. He kept on proving his facts and he got more people on his side.

need a painter call 1800-252-3024 juror #6

There fashion is all the same since they have to dress nicer since there in the court room. They all wore i suit and tie with a white undershirt.

12 angry men is actually a really good movie/play. At first it didn't seem that interesting but once you got further in the movie/play it was really good. It definitely had lots of suspense in it but it ended at a good ending. The movie was different from the play because they play was more descriptive but the movie you got to see everything going on. I personally liked the movie better because it was more entertaining.

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