Hoot By:Donnie Troxell

Author bio Roy Eberhardt is used to the new-kid drill. His family has lived all over, and Florida bullies are pretty much like bullies everywhere. But roy finds oddly indebted to the hulking Dana Matherson. If Dana hadn't been mashing his face against the school bus window, Roy might never have spotted the running boy. And the running boy is the first interesting thing Roy's seen in Florida.

The theme of my book is about a kid named Roy and he saves howls and there home.

Theme, setting- Hoot is about three friends trying to save owl's from being homeless and trying to stop the workers from building a pancake house.

Characters - Roy, Beatrice, mullet Fingers


Created with images by gholmz0 - "owl australian owl australia" • gholmz0 - "owl australian owl australia" • AndrewEick - "hoot hoot" • Hunter-Desportes - "Young Barred Owl, ca. 1981" • LadyDragonflyCC - >;< - "Blinking Smitty"

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