The more you take, the less you have Created By: Eric Nguyen

So, the nature, the environment which we are leaning on is one of the greatest creations of God's hands, but sadly human beings_his greatest creation is destroying His works in order to improve their life without recovering it. The most biggest issue right now is we are loosing the habitats_which species are depend on.
Hypothesis: If the habitats of the organisms disappear, then what could be happened? Because human beings need to improve their life standard everyday, so we need to make it more convenient, more modern... Which mean human must take things in nature to make it, and because of human's greed, we destroyed the nature. We have already known about the advantages of the nature that we could use.
Material: clays, sculpting tools, aluminum foils, 4 pieces of woods, nails, fake moss, resin, paints, brushes, rocks, sand, an oven, research data, slime, a black marke, white glue, wires.
First, I will use nails and woods pieces to make into a box, then I will use paints to decorate the box (draw the sky, make the cloud). And use aluminum foils to make a small box to contain resin. Second, I will use aluminum foils to make shape for the land and use clay to cover the surface of the foil, then bake with an oven to harden the clay, after that I will use yellow paint to cover the land with glue to cover the coastal then put sand onto the glue, and put sand onto the surface used for resin, with rocks, sculpt Third, I will make trees by using wires and moss then stick them onto the land. Then sculpt some animals like fishes, starfishes, etc... and stick them onto the surface. And make a small house for later. The product is represent for a small habitat in nature (from low to high, trees with vegetation, near water source - lake, sea).
Conclusion: If we destroy the habitats, we will lose place to live, we will lose many kind of organisms, we will lose many natural resources, and so on. If people keep taking over other species' habitats, we will lose many things, because species need their suitable habitats to survive, in other words, they will die and when things extinct, the balance of nature will be changed.
#Thinkzone: just think about it, from just one issue, there are many sins in this problems, like Greed (want many things from God's creations), Sloth (lazy to conserve the environment and protect it), we are so much more better than this, to be honest.
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