Utah Symbols L.M.K Lanaya M. Keil

Did you know that the Rock Mountain Elk became the Official State animal in 1971.
The Beehive became an Emblem in March 4th 1959.
As you all might know that this is the State flower and this flower is called a Sego Lily. The Sego Lily was the State flower on March 18th, 1911 in Utah State when it became the State flower.
These are Cherries why am I showing you this you might ask well not all people know this but, Cherries are the States Fruit. They became the States Fruit on 1997, was sponsored by Rep. Fred Hunsanker, R- Logan.
This is a Bonneville Cutthroat Trout. This is our State Fish. This fish became our state fish in 1971.
This is our State Moto it is called the Industry. It was our Moto scene March 4, 1959.
The song This Is The Place it's our State Song it's a great song to learn. It is still our State song today a lot of children should learn because, they need to learn a lot about our State if they live here.
This Gem is called a Topaz it's a beautiful Gem it is our State Gem. Wouldn't you want it, it looks very pretty right. This became our State Gem in 1969.
As you can see this is an onion. It's a vegetable that you might like or not like. But, this is a special vegetable. It is our State Vegetable. Our State Vegetable and I quote, "The Spanish sweet onion was named the state vegetable in the 2002."
This is known as called a tree you might have know. But, this isn't an ordinary tree. It is our State Tree. It is called the Quaking Aspen tree. I quote this and it is an amazing thing to learn about, "The quaking aspen (Populous tremulous) was chosen by the Utah State Legislature in 2014 to be the state tree. The quaking aspen replaced the Colorado blue spruce, which had held the honor of state tree since 1933." Isn't that amazing?!? I love trees and maybe you can study them too.
This flag is not just an ordinary flag it is our State Flag! But, this flag had to fight for war for us for freedom. Without this flag we would still be slaves but, this war was hard and now we stand upon the people who tried to control us but, no you can't ever control us all because WE ARE AMERICANS. And nothing can stop that if our Flag stands upon us and is still standing. So you should be THANKFUL for all the people died for us for our State, for our Country, for our Freedom.
This is our Fossil. It is called Allosaurus it was the State Fossil in 1988.
This is a California Seagull it became our State Bird in 1955.
This is called Copper. You can find it in a mine. It became our State Mineral in 1994.


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