Weather & climate By:Fin O


The state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wet or dry, clam or wind


Facts or information used to calculate,analyze, or plan something.

I learned adout weather is there is all sorts of weather and what I learned in grafting data is the marks and how to make one to.


The usual weather conditions in a particular region.



Artic tundra,grassland,deciduous forest,taiga,tropical forest.


I lernd that if things are highaer there safer.


High house are a design solution.


Created with images by michael.po - "flood" • mypubliclands - "Sweetwater Canyon Wilderness Study Area" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Paint by Particle [video]" • Nicholas_T - "Plateau Forest (2)" • Pexels - "clouds colorful colourful" • MartinFuchs - "spitsbergen mountains ice" • jpeter2 - "desert morocco sand dune" • Kitty Terwolbeck - "One of the many waters" • Mariamichelle - "birds tropical colorful" • marnanel - "Flood of June 2006" • markguim - "Blizzard '06"

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