Tour of the harn rachel wagner

Medium Of The Art / Technique Of The Artist

(I can be seen in the reflection of the mirror in the right picture)

An artwork that I saw at the Harn was not one specific piece that moved me but was more a style or method of art. I was so incredibly impressed by seeing the delicate glasswork of the vases and figures shown in the images above. I had always seen images of this type of art online but seeing it in person showed me and allowed me to appreciate the intricacy and beauty of these pieces. Each was so unique and interesting to look at that I was incredibly glad I would view them in person. I found the colors and shapes on each vase or figure to be so striking and intriguing. I found myself staring at each and everyone appreciating and admiring the colors, designs, curves, and shapes of each artwork. They communicated to me the delicacy of art and the care that goes into their creation. I felt amazed that someone could create such a beautiful piece and was impressed at the care and detail that went into each one.

Design Of The Museum

(I can be seen in the reflection of the glass on the right picture)

While wandering around the Harn, I was most amazed by the Asian art exhibition. A massive floor to ceiling window looking out onto a beautiful Asian style garden initially caught my eye and drew me into the beautiful artwork found in that exhibit. The space itself felt peaceful and fresh, while still detailed and beautiful, reflecting much of the Asian art in the exhibit. Lit mostly by the large window, the space had an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation. The artwork was spaced in such a way to open up the room and allow the natural sunlight to fill the space. The works found in the exhibit were also peaceful looking and beautiful, matching the room. I felt relaxed and less tense in this exhibit unlike other exhibits and truly felt I was able to breathe and appreciate everything that was around me because it felt so natural and calming.

Art and Core Values

Artwork: "You're Seeing Less Than Half The Picture" and "Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?" by artist Guerrilla Girls

This particular artwork series intrigued me because of the loud font and strange imagery, and with later research and reading, I found that was exactly what the creators of the pieces were intending to do. These pieces are from the exhibition of women in art and these specific pieces are from the group called "Guerrilla Girls." These pieces spoke to my core values as these artworks highlight sexism and gender and social inequalities which are issues I care about greatly. These pieces visually represented these core values in that they express the discrimination found in the art world and society and call attention to social and gender issues. Seeing such a visualization of this core value helped me to better appreciate the continued fight towards equality and helped me to explore my own set of values, particularly this one as it is portrayed. Initially this art work made me laugh and feel confused by what I was seeing, but then as I read the descriptions and researched deeper, I grew to appreciate and be amazed that a core value like these could be portrayed to such an audience and send such poignant messages.

Art and the Good Life

Artwork: “Another Girl, Another Planet” by artist Justine Kurland

This artwork conveyed the message of the Good Life as to me it represents visually a good life. In this piece I see peace and happiness. I was stopped immediately when I saw this piece in the Harn and I was filled with warm thoughts and a desire to be in such a place. This work to me evokes the feeling of peace and calmness and relaxation in one's surroundings, an emotion I feel embodies a good life. This image feels very utopian or idilic with happiness. This work shows young children enjoying their surroundings and absorbing nature. They are all sharing in the good life together. To me, this artwork represents the themes of the importance of location in the good life, sharing the good life, and celebrating the good life as these children are together in such a beautiful setting celebrating their wonderful surroundings by playing in the field, lying in it, and seeming happy. Personally, this image evokes feelings of happiness that I believe would be found in the Good Life.

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