The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Ali Murman

Spatial Experience

Me before the play outside the theatre

When I entered the auditorium it had already begun to fill up. Some of my friends were checking their backpacks and got separated from us. When we went into the theatre, the ushers wouldn't let us save seats for them. Our seats ended up being pretty far back, but it was still an okay view. I thought the set looked pretty nice upon arrival, so I was excited for the show to start when the lights dimmed. I prefer this auditorium to the black box theatre because I like how it is bigger and the actors/actresses aren't right on top of you. This plays the role of leisure time in the good life. It was relaxing to set aside some time on a weekday to view art.

Social Experience

Me outside the Constans Theatre right before entering.

I attended the play with about 6 friends, so it was a nice social event. To get ready for the performance, I ate dinner at Broward dining and then changed into a decent outfit. Attending the performance with my friends enhanced the experience because we were able to talk about the play together afterwards. I think shared experiences are better because you are able to make memories together and talk about your feelings and experiences.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This represents the shoe factory where the family struggled to survive.

I think the central issue discussed in the performance was that the church had control over everyone's lives, yet things were still corrupt. The church just covered up scandals and let poor kids continue working in the factory. I didn't know what the play was about coming into the performance. This play made me have more sympathy for people in poverty. Oftentimes, even if you work hard, it is extremely difficult to escape poverty. It is also hard to hear about past scandals of the Catholic Church. The subject matter doesn't relate to my life, besides the fact that I grew up Catholic. Past that, I can't relate very much to this play.

Emotional Experience

Leaving the Constans Theatre - happy to go because it was freezing in there.

I enjoy how the play wanted to use theatre to instigate change. I think this play might inspire others to "come clean" and possibly go tell someone something they may have been holding back. It must be very difficult to keep a traumatic secret like that. Maybe telling someone could be the first step in the healing process. This play examined several different uncomfortable areas of life such as sex, poverty, and religious corruption. This play opened my eyes to the difficulties of others.


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