Boom to Bust By: ANDREW plummer

Men want jobs now

lots of men lost their jobs and wore signs to ask for jobs

Children are used to get attention of government to give people jobs

Fathers used their children to get attention from the government to give their dads a job

Many people protest to get jobs to help their family

people protested to get attention for the government to supply them jobs

Men will take any job

men would take any job to provide for himself and his family

The crash sends us falling downhill

this newspaper shows the stock market crash and the panic that occurred following it

People are forced to live on the streets

many people lost all money and became homeless and sat on the streets

Children can't were new clothes because of the downfall

children were dirty and didn't get to shower and lived a rough time

Many citizens are forced to make their own houses

some were forced to build their own homes like this mother and her children did

Poor people have to live in uncleansed houses

people couldn't afford houses so most people lived in hoovervilles which were shanty towns with homemade houses

Women play basketball to try to forget about the rough times

many others had to hide the fact of what was happening by playing sports or different activities

Women find things to do during the depression

women played tennis to set the stress away

Families listen to radios to relax

other options were radio's which most people had and they would listen to stories on them and relax

Men setting the depression to the side

men played golf to get away from the many problems they faced

Roosevelt will lead us in the right direction

FDR wanted a new deal that would help people and banks get back on their feet

Hoover makes the Great Depression worse

before FDR was elected people blamed hoover for not doing anything about what was occurring at the time

People didn't get the help they needed so they find it themselves

the government was no help so people had to seek opportunities

Government ignores the help the farmers need

The Government wasn't helping farmers

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