National Fandom Day March 16

Book Fandoms are the most popular fandoms.

I think there should be a day called National Fandom Day. On this day, all of the people in America go to Missouri and hang out with their certain fandoms. Fandom is a term used to refer a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy with others who share those common interests. It does not matter what fandom you are in. It could be music, fashion, books, or movies.

On this day, actors, music artists, and authors will be there. They will sign autographs and talk to people who might have questions about them. Fans can also take place in cosplays, dealing with costume and acting, with their certain fandoms.

Jennifer Lawerence, top left, was the top paid actress in 2016. She was paid $46 million. Paul McCartney, top right, is the most rich music artist. He made $1.24 billion. James Patterson, bottom left, is the most paid author. He made $95 million. Kevin Hart, bottom right, was the top paid actor in 2016. He was paid $87.5 million. They will all be assisted to join on National Fandom Day.
Many people have attempted suicide because of being bullied for being in a fandom. This really hurts people. They shouldn't get made fun of for being obsessed with something. That's why National Fandom Day can give confidence to people who feel like they need to threaten their lives. If they see that people are interested in the same things, they wouldn't feel the need to harm themselves.
I chose National Fandom Day to be in Jefferson City, Missouri. I chose this because it is in the middle of the United States. It would be easier for people to drive there.
Fans can communicate by using social media networks like Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram.
Fandom is sometimes considered as a religious faith.
There are many organizations made by fans, like the Harry Potter Alliance.
The Harry Potter series has made about $2.5 billion.

National Fandom Day will let you express this inner person inside of you. It lets people see who you really are. Here no one will judge you, you will not get made fun of, you will be excepted. You will feel, not like everyone else, but like yourself. National Fandom Day needs to be created. It will boost someone's day to think that it is coming. This day can be the star light of someone's life.

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