Winds By: James Lee

Global winds are winds that are named by the direction from which they they blow. These winds are found around globally.

This is global convection currents. These wins are moved horizontally in the air. These currents can be found around the world.

This is Coriolanus Effect. This is a hypothetical force used to explain rotating systems.
The air in the Earth's atmosphere from high pressure to low pressure. These can be found globally.
This a picture of doldrums. Doldrums is a colloquial expression derived from historical maritime usage. They can be located near the north if the equator.
This is a picture of horse latitudes. Horse latitudes are a belt of of calm airs. These are normally found in southern and northern hemisphere.
This is a picture of trade winds. These are prevailing patterns of eaternky surface surface winds. These are found northeast and southwest.
This is a picture of prevailing westernlies. That's where winds from the west head to the east they travel 30 to 60 degreees latitude.
This is polar easternlies. These are the dry cold prevailing winds that blow the high-pressure areas of the polar highs at at the North and South Poles.
This is a picture of jet streams. Those are fast air currents flowing behind any aircraft. They can be found near any where near a aircraft.


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