Advanced Technology and the Future Omar Elamin

Advanced technology has been known to be a good thing. It made life easier, and it helped us create new inventions. Robots and computers can do work for us. Cars and trucks are about to start driving themselves. Machines can produce many goods through manufacturing. Many don’t realize what the consequences of having this kind of technology are. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in robotics can become dangerous and uncontrollable. Self driving cars and trucks will steal jobs. The over reliance on technology could cause people to fail when the technology does, and sometimes the failures could be fatal. Advanced Technology is more dangerous than good for our future.

On CBSN during 60 Minutes, Charlie Rose interviewed a robot that answered his questions directly. The robot even asked Charlie some questions, and when he answered, the robot can evaluate a comment based on his answer. This robot is acting just as a human, it can communicate like one too. A machine like this one is exactly what the military is looking for. This robot was capable of thinking on it’s own. Companies such as ABB Robotics, Astrobotic Technology, and Aldebaran are creating AI robotics just like this one. Even though a robot like this would be helpful, a robot that can think on it’s own is beyond dangerous. When a machine can think on it’s own, it can do whatever it wants, just like a person. It could do both good and bad things. The robot could help an old lady cross the street, or it can act in a deadly form and potentially hurt or kill someone.

Henry Ford was the man who created the assembly line. He used the assembly line to make his Ford cars. During that time, many jobs were created because of the assembly line. Now, we have machines. Machines have stolen these jobs. Instead, machines can put on the body of the car. Instead, robots can paint the entire car with different patterns. Those people who used to do that no longer have jobs. Problems like this could increase unemployment. An increase in unemployment will soon have people going into poverty. Businesses with these machines would be successful due to the fact that they don’t have to pay any employees. An increase in poverty causes people to not be able to pay tax, or purchase the goods created by these machines. When no money is being exchanged between producers and consumers, the economy could go into a depression once again.

In California, a family was driving through Death Valley for tourism reasons. They were following their GPS, only when it mislead them. The next thing they knew, they were lost in the middle of Death Valley. This was a matter of life or death. This family wasn’t the only one who suffered. Incidents like this were known to happen at least twice a year. The family was lost for 3 days. Another incident where a mother and son got lost in Death Valley due to their GPS failing to give them accurate directions. The mother barely made it, while the son had died. It’s not only people that would end up getting lost because of a GPS, but companies that depend on technology in order to succeed. Companies that work on the internet must have internet continuously accessible. When the internet fails, the company struggles. When construction jobs use machines, they will depend on them to get the job done. When the machine fails, the job doesn’t get done, and that can cause problems. The worst time anyone would ever want machines to fail is in the health system. When a computer misdiagnoses a medical condition, that’s nearly the worse case scenario.

Advanced Technology has helped us throughout our lives. From trade to travel, this technology had made everything as simple and efficient as it can be. Even though there are great outcomes of advanced technology, there are also consequences. Dealing with uncontrollable AI, extremely high levels of unemployment, and an over reliance on technology is not wanted. It would be best to simply avoid all of these consequences in the first place. What would happen to Taxi and Truck drivers when self driving cars and trucks are released? What would happen when machines are capable of manufacturing any product without a human presence? Would we even need doctors if a robot could diagnose you and treat you? Would we be teaching our children to type instead of write? Would we be sending out war machines into battle rather than having to risk a soldier’s life? Where would society be if technology became a need rather than a want?


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