Coach Development Newsletters BEST OF AUGUST 2020

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The Coach Development Department strives to accomplish it's three continuous goals: Promote the Rush Way, Provide Top Quality Learning Content to our coaches, and Develop Career Pathways within our Rush Soccer Coaches Pyramid.

Below, what we think you can't miss from the month of August.


Our environment is safe. This includes the office, our travels, the fields and our bodies. Safety is not only physical safety from harm, but safety from ridicule and attack. We are comforted and encouraged in the club. We portray self-control and kindness to our staff, our colleagues and players.


WEBINAR SERIES: Chris P., our Developmental Director, has brought many world renowned professionals to his Webinar Series. Below, our selection of the month.

In the last month, Chris P. was joined by Professor James Paul Gee and Amy Price of the English FA on a very enriching Webinar about Digital Video Game Approach.

Why does digital video game design have the potential to enhance learning and performance of soccer players and teams?

"You want players to be flexible and achieve goals, but how often do we as coaches try to understand what goes on in a player's head as they are trying to do this? It comes back to just slowing down and thinking of how we can get into their heads, because that's where we can really start to help and support them with that process" - Amy Price.

Guests explained how coaches can use game design principles to promote good learning experiences for soccer players of any age and ability.

"A game never starts with the hardest level. It takes a level where things are simplified a bit, but where the skills you are practising are still in the context of a game. Because you have to learn how to do skills in context and sometimes in connection with other skills, you can't just put them in a little ladder, practice them out of context and expect them to gel back together after. That's level design" - James Gee.

Missed the Webinar? Watch it below!


The Virtual Learning Center, which was initially a tool to support our clubs during the COVID-19 pandemic developed into this ludic, timeless e-learning center.

Navigate it to watch documentaries, read articles, or play games while learning about the history of soccer and your favorite players, the Rush Way, Nutrition, Conditioning, and many more.

The Rush e-Learning Center is accessible at all times through the Coach Development Website.

How does it work? Just filter by the type of content you want to see -Coach Education, Conditioning, History of Soccer, Mentality & Motivation, Nutrition, Play, Rush Way & Core Values, Pro Player Stories, Tactics or Technique- and enjoy!


After receiving a great amount of applications and a detailed analysis, Rush Soccer's Coach Development Department announced the two coaches that will participate in this fantastic two-week training camp in Europe!

Alonso Saavedra is a former professional soccer player with over three years of experience as Director of Coaching for Missouri Rush Soccer. Adrián Moya Salguero currently works as the Director of Coaching at Albany Rush and has a decade of experience in soccer development.

The Eurotrip will start on October 19th in Paris with a five-journey multicultural soccer camp, with coaches from France, Spain and Argentina, among others, followed by five more amazing days in Barcelona. Alonso and Adrian will be able to share their knowledge and learn from other coaches while travelling altogether and conducting practices in English for U14-U18 players.

Also covered by the host, the participants will have the opportunity to visit FC Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium during the second week of the training camp.

And many more trips to come! This event will be recurring along the year, and we are also organizing many more coaching trips to Europe and South America. The applicants that weren't chosen in this opportunity will be in high esteem for the next edition, if interested in participating.


The Rush Way is the embodiment of all that is Rush Soccer; the rules and manner in which Rush members hold themselves and how they expect other Rush members to conduct themselves.

After creating the Spanish and Italian versions, this month the Rush Way Curriculum was updated and it's now available also in Portuguese!

All our clubs and coaches worldwide have now access to this detailed content in different languages:

Micro Division U6-U8: English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Bantam Division U9-U10: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Youth Division U11-U13: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Junior Division U14-U15: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Senior Division U16-U18: English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

We encourage these manuals to be constantly evolving: We are all the Rush and so the Rush Way is built by us all.


Coach Development, CAP and Club Development share this space, where experts express their knowledge about soccer aspects on and off the field.

Chris P., Rush Soccer's Developmental Director, was joined by Dr. Jean Cotê, on a very enriching discussion about Transformational Coaching.

Dr. Cotê presented on how coaches’ transformational behaviors proven through research can lead to better athletes’ experiences and outcomes.

From the novice coach to the master coach this Podcast gave us the opportunity to develop our athletes’ confidence, competence, connection, and character through our sessions.

Click here to listen The Rush Podcast Network with Jean Cotê!


Through Rush Soccer’s partnership with Pass You, our coaches had the chance to participate on a four-day online course on Soccer Players Development.

The speakers were 1986 World Cup Champion and former Argentine National Team Coach, Sergio Batista, Argentine U23 National Team Coach, Fernando Batista, his Video Performance Assistant, Nebio Merola, and Female Soccer expert, Diego Guacci.

Pass You is an interdisciplinary agency dedicated to generating training experiences for soccer players and coaches, with the objective of professionalizing technical aspects by promoting sports and human values.

Learn more about the Partnership between Rush Soccer and Passyou to facilitate coaching education content to all of our coaches.


The Mentors Program is a multi-format coach development experience specifically tailored to Rush coaches and serves as an educational opportunity outside of traditional coaching licensing programs.

"We need to continually push so Rush Soccer can continue to lead the way in youth soccer, we will keep going and growing through coaching education and development. The Mentor Program is another way to help coaches learn the Rush Way and help us grow as people and plant trees that we may never see the shade of" - Chris P.

For further information, check Rush Coach Development Website.


Rush Soccer's Coach Development Department strives to assist the thousands of coaches within Rush Soccer in their development, both from an educational point of view, as well as from a career advancement perspective. To do so, we use a blend of online services.

However, we know how powerful and desirable a visit in person can be. We want to meet you, your club, fellow coaches, and players. Therefore, the RCD reserves a portion of its budget for in person visits to our member clubs.

For further information, please visit our Club Visits website.


The fully Rush customized version of this world-renowned tool to which all Rush coaches are given free access already counts with lots of exclusive contents.

Find at The Rush Coaching Manual our ever developing Rush Way, as well as practical sessions, guides, articles, podcasts, and many more.


In order to provide content to our coaches worldwide, The Rush Coaching Manual is available not only in English, but also in Spanish.

Did you miss out The Rush Coaching Manual Presentation? Don't worry, we recorded it! Watch it below.


COMING UP NEXT: Rush’s ludic, timeless e-Learning Center will continue to upload brand new content for our players and coaches. Hawaii Rush Technical Director, Arian Hoxha, shares his knowledge and experience in a remarkably interesting interview for both The Rush Podcast Network and Rush Soccer Blog on the importance of the details delivering feedback appropriately and coaching consistency across all age groups. Coach Development Department will be operating, through our Coaching Workshops, based on monthly educational campaigns, giving specific guidance to all of our programs. Rush Female Coaches Alliance brings us a new Podcast interview with Christiane Lessa, who has extensive experience in the collegiate and professional game, being Assistant Coach with Atlanta SC, among others, and currently coaches in Georgia Rush.

Stay tuned coach! Find these and much more at www.rushcoachdevelopment.com