Mark Antony /

Mark Antony's alliance with Caesar

Under Mark Antony's role in government changed a lot over time while under Caesar's rule. Mark served as cavalry commander, and a general in the roman republic. But as Pompey (military leader/politician) and Caesar declared war against each other, Caesar made Mark "Tribune of the Plebeians" which meant he was a key member of the Roman republic assembly and then later was appointed to be a "Consul" which was the highest ranking public official in the roman government Mark Antony always was a Allie of Caesar especially seeing as though he was always in Caesar's inner circle in government. After Caesar's death Mark Antony even attempted to rally the people of Rome against Caesar's assigns (Haviland).

Mark Antony's love affair

After Caesar's death the triumvirs of government decided to split up the powers. Antony got control of the "eastern provinces" and that is where he "Summoned Cleopatra". Shortly after the Egyptian emperors was "summoned" she and Antony started their love affair. At the time of this affair Antony was married to a women named Fulvia . Eventually the affair ended, Fulvia passed away and Antony married a new women named Octavia. Although Antony's marriage continued he did start his relationship back up with Cleopatra and they ended up having three children (one daughter , two sons) and Antony did officially divorce Octavia but that caused Octavia's brother to declare war on Cleopatra.(Haviland)

How Mark Antony's death ended the civil war

Mark Antony caused many disputes through out the civil war that were especially caused by his multiple love affairs. One of the biggest tensions was the dispute between Antony and Octavian after Antony divorced and cheated on his sister Octavia. After that there was a multitude of different disputes between different people in the roman empire and the Egyptian empire that once again were mostly caused by Antony. So when Antony passed away most of these feuds died down and ended which caused the end to the civil war.(Haviland)

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