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The beginning of the school year...

Coming into college, writing was not an asset of mine, and I was nervous at the thought of constructing a college level essay. Therefore, I was excited to take a first year writing seminar to help improve my writing, making it acceptable for a college course. At the start of the academic school year, my writing was choppy, and all over the place. I would write wordy sentences and add unnecessary ideas and sentences. The chapter summaries I wrote focused on little ideas instead of main ideas and contained some jargon. Throughout this class, I also improved my thesis construction.

Ede Chapter 1 summary

"Chapter 1 explained the importance of writing and how writing surrounds us everyday and we may not even know it. The chapter begins by asking, “What does it mean to be a writer in the twenty-first century?”, technology has impacted our writing in more ways than not. Every time you post to social media you are using tools of writing to communicate with others. Technology has also made reading writing more accessible because of the countless blogs, and news outlets scattered throughout the internet. Additionally, chapter 1 expressed the importance of appropriate writing. For example, you would no construct an essay for class the way you text your friends. Writing is not strictly exclusive to putting words on a paper or a word document, there are multiple different mediums for writing: art, presentations, posters, video clip, etc."

In this summary, I included unnecessary sentences. For example, the sentence where I include the quote of how the chapter began. Instead, I could have wrote a sentence that that explained that being a writer in the twenty first century is different from years past because of the technology influence.

WA 1 thesis

"This public service announcement was overly effective in informing and persuading the audience on the topic of over consumption of processed sugars in soft drinks and energy drinks."

WA 3 thesis

"A healthy diet, engaging in exercise regularly, and alternative medicine affect the progression of disease in a positive way resulting in improved health."

My thesis for WA 1 was wordy and long, and did not necessarily explain what my paper was going to be about. However, my thesis for WA 2 was straight to the point, and clearly explained what was going to the expressed in the essay.

Ede SW 4

"When I first saw the “Che” clipart picture I immediately thought of Obama’s Hope campaign from 2008. I recall seeing this picture everywhere. It was on the news, in the papers, plastered all over major cities, and all over the internet. What makes this picture culturally interesting is that Obama was the first African-American candidate to become nominated by a major party, and then became the first African-American president of the United States. Also, no other presidential candidate had ever had campaign poster with this pop, modern style before. This picture also appealed to the younger population and encouraged them to vote in the election. Visuals give the reader a different perspective of the situation, as they also appeal to more people."

I wore this text in response to a campaign picture about Obama. The sentences are all over the place and don't flow well.

Ede SW 10

"Chapter 11 discusses strategies to use when aiming to help invent successfully. Using the methods provided, the student will be able to identify what they understand and do not understand of a topic. The first method discussed is freewriting. Freewriting is writing down whatever ideas come to mind at that specific time, it allows the writer to discover ideas they may not have gathered before. The next method is looping. Looping is building on your freewrite. You take the central idea from your first free write and then expand on it. Brainstorming is similar to freewriting and looping, with brainstorming you make a list as quickly as you can of all the thoughts you have on a specific subject. Brainstorming can open your mind to more ideas within a topic. Lastly, clustering is similar to freewriting and brainstorming where you record ideas as they come into your head, but you group them and build on them like a spiderweb. Additionally, chapter 11 explores the importance of having a clear topic when you are researching and writing."

This is a summary I wrote for chapter 11 of the Ede workbook. This summary is well thought out and focuses on the main ideas form the chapter. The sentences flow together and really sum up the main points of the chapter.

From this course I have learned a plethora of information. First, I learned a lot about this college and the resources Moravian has to offer through the Friday Seminars; for example, the counseling center, the health center, the tutors, the international student affairs, and the student life. The Friday seminars helped me adjust to my life on campus and were an excellent resource for learning more about Moravian. I also learned how to use different outlets of technology like adobe spark, iMovie, QuickTime player, and I learned how to use canvas and google docs to their fullest ability. I enjoyed learned about how to use different types of technology because always using and presenting on PowerPoint can be a nuisance. Lastly, I learned many ways to improve my writing. I was taught how to write more efficiently; getting straight to the point and to eliminate any unnecessary words, and add higher level vocabulary. Another beneficial aspect and been learned APA format. I was never taught it in the past and I know I will have to use APA in the future. First year writing seminar is an awesome way to be introduced into the college and learn many things that you'll benefit form in the future.

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