Do I want to be Mr. Right? or Mr. Happy?

How important is being right to you?
Do you think being right would lead to Happiness? Is it really worth Fighting for being Right?
Would you like to keep your relationships and be Happy or would like to Be right? Are you going to pursue your dreams by being Wrong?
How important is Happiness to you? What if Being Happy comes in the way of being Right? What would you choose?
Are you willing to Pursue Happiness and let go off your Goal? Are you willing to surrender your ego of being Right?
How important is happiness to you? Would you sacrifice being right to be Happy? Would you Just do what makes you Happy and think Later?

Ask yourself today:

" Do I want to be Mr. Right or Mr. Happy?"


Created with images by MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito) - "right." • *pascal* - "Right Arrow" • Shayan (USA) - "Look Right" • Alexas_Fotos - "easter easter eggs smiley" • mac morrison - "Right ->" • blondinrikard - "Happy" • Heliophiliac, sentimental, nostalgic. - "Happy STARt"

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