Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


The beginning of this novel is set in London during the Victorian period in 1886. This setting shows the discrepancy between the rich and poor, the religious allusions, and the repression.


Mr. Gabriel Utterson-- trustworthy, rational; not judgmental. He is also not overly interesting.

Dr. Henry Jekyll-- proper Victorian doctor craving evil. He is too good, but longs to be evil.

Mr. Edward Hyde-- short, evil, violent, and hairy alter ego of Dr. Jekyll. He takes over and ruins lives.

Dr. Hastie Lanyon-- enthusiastic, scientific, logical, and civil. He cannot accept Dr. Jekyll's evil attitude.

Mr. Enfield-- He is unfazed by most things, and he has good morals and manners.

Poole-- an old, reliable character. He is a butler who is polite, loyal, and knowledgeable about his master.

Metaphors and Allegories

Metaphor- a comparison between two things that does not use like or as.

London fog serves to cover London and make it eerie.The fog is an obscurity, and the literal fog emphasizes the metaphorical fog that hides the true identity of Mr. Hyde.

"Although a fog rolled over the city in the small hours, the early part of the night was cloudless, and the lane, which the maid's window overlooked, was brilliantly lit by the full moon" (pg 27).

Allegory-- a work that compares textual references to real life occurrences and can be interpreted to reveal hidden meaning, usually politically or morally; abstract ideas and principles are described in terms of characters, ideas, and events.

The door is an example of an allegory. The door to the back of Dr. Jekyll's house is a sordid, neglected, and dark place. The allegorical meaning is for Hyde to enter and leave the house unhindered. It gives Jekyll ultimate freedom to embrace his inner evil.

Point of View

The point of view is 3rd person limited. This picks one character to follow, which is Mr. Utterson. The narrator draws out the suspense and mystery and ends with a dramatic ending.
Mood & Tone

The tone of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as a whole book, is shocking, dramatic, and objective.

"--the figure of a man walking swiftly; then of a child running from the doctor's; and then these met, and that human Juggernaut trod the child down and passed on regardless of her screams" (pg 17).

This quote shows the dramatic, shocking side of Mr. Hyde.

The mood of this novella is suspenseful, dark, and dreadful. The general mood of impending disaster is also shown throughout the whole book.

There are many themes in this novel, such as, repression, friendship, science, and appearances. The main theme of this book is good vs. evil. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is easily viewed as an allegory about the evil and good that exists in all men, and the struggle with the two sides of human personality. Hyde seems to be taking over in this book, showing that evil is stronger than the good, but at the end Mr. Hyde ends up dead, suggesting a weakness or failure of evil.


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