The "SAY" Project "seal against yuck"

What is the the "SAY" project about? It is a unique dental project aimed at 3rd world poor populations, to improve access to preventive care, namely sealant therapy. We just give the know-how and materials to indigenous non-professional volunteers to sustain their own year round projects .

What is sealant therapy ? It is where a plastic coating is placed on teeth to prevent "yuck-iness" caused by cavities.

Sealant : Before/After

Why is your program possible ? Due to the recent development of materials and portable equipment, it can now be inexpensively done in any open space where the people reside. teaching Sealant therapy

Who have you helped so far? In 9 years of implimentation, We have partnered with over 26 organizations in placing over 5000 sealants on pilot projects in Vietnam and Philippines.

What is your next step? In order to gain foundational help for the largest projects we have been asked to start, we need to do a 3 year UNIVERSITY study on our revolutionary field application technique.

University class
Newly Minted students

What are your future goals after this step? AFTER getting data to prove that our technique is at least similarly successful as those done in a clinic, we can commence on the formation of larger national or regional projects.

In Conclusion, Why should we be involved in the "SAY" Project? It gives the poor children of the world a chance to "SAY" they want to not have pain due to cavities!

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