RACCOON (trash panda)

Humans have had a very big impact on raccoons. Raccoons have always been scavengers. but now they scavenge for a new food source. Our trash cans we have changes their diet from frogs, mice, etc. To eating our left over pizza from the night before.

Raccoons are very mean and harmful animals. They also carry many dieases such as Rabies, Leptospirosis, lyme and many more.

And the funny thing is we are helping this animals grow rapidly. in citys this animals thrive because they have learned to depend on us or for better words our trash to survive. But raccoons are beutiful creatures and we should keep them around but we shouldn't let them over run the night.


Created with images by moffi12 - "raccoon wildlife park cute" • clanctot - "baby raccoon wildlife wild" • rengber - "Raccoons (Procyon lotor)"

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