Cougar Connection August 20th, 2021


Registration is now open and pledges are already coming in!! You can easily get started by going to www.mybooster.com! As mentioned, this is our ONE big fundraiser of the school year. If your family feels it’s not in the position to financially support the school, that’s ok. Families can actually support our school by also SHARING about our fundraiser with friends and family online. Sharing IS supporting. Look for more information coming your way soon :)

hcpl summer reading program

Over the summer, fifty students from Greenfield Intermediate School participated in the Hancock County Public Library’s summer reading club. Sixteen completed the program by reading five or more hours in June and July. Congratulations to the following students for completing the reading program:

Sawyer C., Xabrien B., Carson C., Miles D., Ada F., Leighanna G., Charlotte G., Jaylen H., Landon L., Aslynn P., Maureen R., Weston R., Olivia S., Jessica S., Evan S., and AJ S.

food service update

As you may know, food manufacturers and distributors are experiencing major shortages in labor and food production related to COVID-19, which is affecting our active menu to varying degrees. It's always our hope to stick as close to the planned menu as possible. Although our breakfast and lunch menus at GC are always subject to change, these challenges facing our food manufacturers are causing us to choose alternative items we can get in stock.

updated covid protocols

There have been a few updates to our covid protocols. Please click the button just below to view the most current updates.

School Dismissal Manager

You are all doing a great job at making transportation changes in SDM. Keep up the good work! As a reminder, GIS relies on the information in SDM to help us get your student to their correct location after school. Thanks for helping us get all students home safely!

Cougar Code

At Greenfield Intermediate School, our students follow our “Cougar Code.” You can help by reinforcing these at home with your student! The daily expectations at GIS are simple:

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Ready to Learn

Profile of a graduate

It’s never too early to start preparing for graduation! Greenfield-Central has identified characteristics we would love to see in all our students by the time they graduate from high school. We call the collection of these characteristics the “Profile of a Graduate.” I’ve attached a digital copy of this document for you to look at throughout the school year. Each month, GIS will be focusing on one of these characteristics.

Upcoming dates

  • Fundraiser Kickoff: August 25th
  • Fundraiser Fun Run: September 3rd
  • Labor Day: September 6th (No school)


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