Espai (e)co: Revitalizing urban space together Sant Cugat del Vallès, SPAIN

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Sant Cugat is a city in Barcelona’s metropolitan area. Barcelona’s extensive growth has created multiple peripheral neighborhoods close to Collserola Natural Park. Les Planes is one of those neighborhoods, built during the sixties due to an influx of immigration. This project focuses on the revival of an unused area in the neighborhood with the potential for community, social engagement. The proposal aims to reinforce neighborhood relations by promoting popular events and inspiring everyday social relations in this unused public space. This project will be carried out through the implementation of an existing academic infrastructure through a free transfer agreement between the University of Barcelona and the City Council of Sant Cugat. The (e)co, is an experimental prototype of a self-sufficient energy building linked to the International Solar Decathlon competition in 2012. The project encourages the implantation of a new model of shared management between the administration, the community and the university, generating a new local experimental collaboration, Espai eco, understood as an urban laboratory of collective production.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS:Completed

BY: Arqbag

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: The espai (e)co facilitates a meeting space and promotes a collaborative participation with the local community. It’s a space of co-creation, experimentation and knowledge sharing. Programming and activities will establish links between community members that promote self-help and reflection. Its operation is based on the co-responsibility of all the agents involved and the shared management between the city government and community. The workshops will be centered on four thematic areas: research-action, co-manufacturing, sociocultural, local/environmental.

PARTNERS: This transformational process will include neighbours, the city council, university, and companies. Our partners are university actors, members of the ETSAV-UPC department, and influenced by Casal collaboration, Parties Committee, Senior People, Women’s group, Band, Children’s Casal, Young Space, Punto Tic, Familiar Space, among others.