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A Peace of Home: Your home is your sanctuary. My name is Holly. I am a mother, a grandmother, a designer and a lover of all things dented, rustic, paint-chipped and old. There aren't many weekends I haven't spent scowering second-hand stores, vintage shops, tag sales and flea markets to find those statement pieces that make my home a happy, eclectic haven. Nothing is more thrilling than taking a piece that is dumpster-ready and turning it into a focal point of my house. Or, finding a tarnished tea kettle, and creating a one-of-a-kind center piece for my daughter's wedding. I have never been able to afford the high-end furniture featured in my library of designer books, but, over the past 25 years I have been able to find a way to give my home a designer look by taking forgotten pieces and repurposing them into the latest trends. On my journey, I would drag my now adult daughter to every one of those second-hand stores, vintage shops, tag sales and flea markets. I would dress her up in denim and bright red cowboy boots trying to teach her the value of quality-made pieces. My hope was that she would develop a love for all things old as there is beauty in the broken and dented. At the time, her only interest was finding the closest retail store, but over time, she did start to develop a sense of her own style, which just so happens to house those same pieces that truly make a house a home. Although my daughter and I are separated by thousands of miles, there are not many days where we are not talking about how to find peace in our lives or a unique piece for our homes. What we have found is that no matter what type of piece you are looking for, peace starts at home. We hope through sharing our stories, projects and journeys, you too, will find peace in your home.

A Peace of History: My husband and I recently downsized from a house to a condo. When we first met, we lived in a one-bedroom apartment that had two windows. It was a typical apartment with white walls, no character and a funky smell. Of course, the first order of business was to find me someone who would get some new paint colors, a few select pieces of awesome furniture and a plan to turn my old Florida apartment new again. So of course, I enlisted my mother. After a few weeks, a few fights, a few drinks and a few trips to our usual go-to shops, we created a serene space of turquoise walls, gray accents and some very necessary Scandinavian furniture to remain on budget. It was a beautiful mix of tranquil colors and old architectural pieces that made our first apartment a home. After only a year, we decided to move. I waited until the last moments to pack and repaint the walls and actually never got around to painting the walls. Ironically, the complex never sent us a bill, but rather integrated my mother's color scheme into their exterior decor. We rinsed and repeated the process of changing apartments on a yearly basis until we finally found our first foreclosure. This project will be reserved for a post later to come, but in the end, we were able to find unique, affordable fixes that allowed us to turn our first profit, which leads me back to the condo. Built in 1985, one of the first projects needing attention was the bathrooms. Each time my mother would visit she would say we need to bring the bathrooms up to date. The bones of our condo were very good, quality built, just needing some remodeling to bring it current. So after careful consideration as with all fixer uppers we invested in key parts of the bathroom not to go over budget and spend so much that you would never recoup if you were to sell it in the near future. The vanity was in good shape so we primed, painted and sealed, adding new door knobs, the base was ready for a top. This is a no-brainer every big box hardware store carries vanity tops, so we decided on a color scheme and bought one for 129.00, a faucet for 25.00, shelves from IKEA for 80.00, some new paint for the walls and take a look at our results, this was done for less than 350.00!!

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