Air Pollution in China By mandy Brooks A

China's air pollution is horrific and has turned into a huge problem that affects all the Chinese citizens. "In 2016, the smog levels in China reached historic levels; as many as 32 cities were under “red alert,” the country’s most severe pollution warning. This followed two other red alerts in Beijing in December, which resulted in closures of schools and factories; half of the capital’s cars were banned from roads."

The air pollution has affected the everyday lives of Chinese citizens. "a study analyzed over 3 million deaths across 74 cities throughout China in 2013. 31.8% of these deaths were able to link to the pollution.

Many people in China install fresh air filtering systems and have air purifiers in their homes to prevent breathing in the dangerous particles from pollution. People also wear masks when they're outside.

Students in China wearing pollution masks.

"The government’s efforts to expand renewables are now well known: in less than 10 years it built the world’s largest wind power capacity, and continues to expand it. China is also nearly tripling its hydropower capacity; it now dominates the world market in photovoltaic cell production and has just become the world’s largest generator of solar power. China’s National Energy Administration announced investment of another $361 billion into renewable power generation by 2020."

This topic relates to Daoism because it is similar to ying and yang. The poor and the rich. Even though air pollution affects everyone but not everyone "breathes the same air" in China. Air purifiers and a good air filtering system is very expensive. Not everyone can afford having a pollution-free home.

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