Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter. Born on July 6, 1907. She was in a bus accident in 1925 and had 36 surgeries. When she was recovering from the operation she taught herself how to paint. She first showed the paintings to Diego Rivera. and he encouraged her to paint more. Frida's work was mainly self-portraits. She had many medical problems since of the accident, so most of her portraits represent her in agony.

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale. She was asked to paint a portrait of her friend Dorthy and she was a actress. She committed suicide by jumping from a building. The painting was suppose to be a gift to Dorthy's mother, but that never happened since it actually showed Dorthy's story of jumping off the building.

Frida and Diego got married in 1929, they moved to the United states and lived there for a couple years. For her being in the United States raised her self-esteem. When she went back to Mexico she became politically active. She gave refuge to a exiled Soviet leader Leon Trotsky in the late 1930s. Frida and Diego's relationship was intense and complex. They separated in 1939 but remarried in 1941 but there relationship was never the same.

The two Frida's one shows herself in a white dressed with a broken heart and the other one represents herself with an intact heart with bold colors on. This picture represents herself unloved and loved.
The Broken Column is suppose to show Frida when she had to get seven surgeries done, and wore special corsets to try to fix her back. Her skin is decorated with nails and wearing a surgical brace. to show her physical challenges.

She would be in cultural interaction because she interacted with different cultural's like when she did the Two Frida's she was in Paris. She went to different places and pained mostly of herself other then times when people asked for her to do a painting of someone else. For instance The Suicide of Dorothy Hale.

She said "My painting carries with it the message of pain" because shes dealt with so much pain since of the accident, so all her self-portraits that she paints has to do with her in pain. Even the pictures that weren't supposed to be about pain she made it had to deal with pain in any sort of form.


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