The Remley Women’s Center is a confidential, safe space available to all students of Westminster College. The Remley advocates are trained and equipped to support and guide students through situations including gender inequalities, sexual assault, and domestic violence/abuse. Remley educates the campus throughout the year on such topics highlighted by Women’s History Month in March, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. The Remley Center aims toward celebrating women and lifting up the women on our campus including students, staff, and faculty. The interns are advised by Dr. Cinnamon Brown and Dr. Kasi Lacey.

Our mission: It shall be the mission of the Remley Women's Advocates of Westminster College to educate the campus on gender issues, with particular emphasis on women, by providing space, programming, and vital resources to all members of the Westminster community. Moreover, the Remley Women Advocates will provide support services and information for members of the campus community effected by gender based inequalities, intolerance, and sexual assault and violence.


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Meet the Advocates

Eljesa Hyseni

is a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Public Health. Eljesa has been a Remley intern for six semesters and says "I initially joined Remley so I could be aware of the bias and double-standards that I as a woman face in hopes of helping eliminate such issues on our campus. I realized that I loved working toward equality and raising awareness for topics that I am passionate about and I stayed with Remley since then." Eljesa will use the skills and knowledge she has acquired in Remley in hopes of volunteering outside of the United States to promote gender equality and help celebrate women worldwide. She hopes that for the future, she can have a focus on women's health as a Physician Assistant.

Golly Easterly

is a senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Golly says "I became a Remley Intern because I wanted to surround myself with like-minded people who care about gender dynamics and making our campus a welcoming place for people of all identities." Golly hopes to advocate professionally for populations marginalized because of gender, and this organization has taught her a great deal about what an advocate truly looks like.

Jordan Esry

is a senior majoring in Business Communication with an English minor. It is Jordan's fourth semester and she loves working with with the wonderful interns. Jordan says "I joined Remley because I care about women's rights, women's health, and advocating for those who have been survivors of sexual abuse." Jordan thinks Remley has impacted our campus by giving people a safe place to come if they are having a tough time, need someone to talk to, or simply want a comfortable place to hang out.

Rupa Kumari

is a senior Biology major and has been with Remley for two semesters. Rupa says "I have always been passionate about listening to people. There are many people who go through a lot of issues every day and just want someone to listen to them. I thought that this would be a good fit for me." Rupa thinks Remley has made our campus more aware of gender issues and biases.

Linda Mushi

is majoring in Biochemistry and Philosophy. She is a senior and joined Remley because she likes what Remley stands for. She says "I think Remley has helped make Westminster a better place by hosting activities/events which raise awareness for things like sexual and domestic violence, by providing support for the survivors, and giving a platform to different groups of people who can't always tell their stories."

Shannon McCaul

is a senior majoring in Biochemistry with a Biology emphasis. She became an intern to be more publicly available on campus as a non-mandatory reporter for survivors of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. Shannon says "I hoped to be put in a position to help more survivors in their journey to recovery and wanted to become involved in the discussion of women's issues on our campus, nationwide, and worldwide." Remley has taught Shannon about the issues of sexual assault, dating violence, etc, and how bystanders can help. She feels more confident in her ability to help a survivor if they come to her, and she thinks it is incredible that we have Remley on campus so students have a safe place where they feel comfortable talking about issues of abuse or issues surrounding women today.

Charley Blair

is a Transnational Studies and French dual major with a specific interest in the cultural role that women have had and will have in the future. She is considering minoring in Women's and Gender Studies and plans to work at an international internship that focuses on women's issues. She says "I hope that I will be able to use any knowledge that I receive from Remley to benefit the community that I live in after college."

Danielle crivello

is a dual major in Computer Science and History and is minoring in Museum Studies. Danielle is a sophomore and wanted to become a Remley intern because she wanted to help those that didn’t know how they could be helped. She says "I love what Remley does because I hate that people are silenced by those who think they have power over them, but this gives a voice back to those who are silenced."

Kayla Bunch

is a freshman majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies and loves that the Remley Women's Center is a constant reminder to Westminster students that there is no place for sexual violence on our campus, and that if in need, there is always a safe and confidential place to go.

Maddie Loescher

is a dual major in Transnational Studies and Religious Studies. She is a sophomore at Westminster. Maddie says "I wanted to be a part of Remley because of personal experience in the things that Remley advocates for and because I thought the chance to connect, grow, and empower other women was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up."

Pfifer Duerkop

is a Junior majoring in Actuarial Science and Economics. She says "I became a Remley intern because I have always been passionate about promoting gender equality and helping women on and off our campus. I thought it would be a great way to get involved on campus and help promote equality. Since I started interning at Remley in the fall of 2016, we have hosted numerous programming activities that we find relevant to Westminster. I think Remley has done a lot to teach students about numerous topics, including: dating violence, consent, and Westminster's sexual conduct procedure."

Victoria Freeman

a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in pre-law, classics with a Latin component became a Remley intern to help others on campus. Victoria says "I wanted to be a part of an organization that organized events, provided knowledge on important issues on campus, and to be around a group of people that shared the desire to be helpful." She believes that Remley has impacted campus more than people realize. Victoria says "It is not just a place to grab feminine product, but a place that has opened the conversation about issues that are hard to discuss, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other important issues." To her, being a Remley intern means that she can take what she has learned and help others.

Missy Rolseth

is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science and History and minoring in Pre-Law and Women and Gender studies. She believes that Remley provides support for people on our campus as well as educates our students on inequality, prejudice, and healthy relationships.

Come Visit The Remley Center

Located in The Center for Faith and Service, the Remley office is open to all students on campus. Remley is a place where we provide resources, preach equality, provide support and promote tolerance. Resources can be free male and female condoms, informational talks with interns, or books on gender and feminism. We want to promote equality within our campus, as well as tolerance for our diverse population. We also provide support by training our interns to be first responders when Sexual Misconduct Policies have been violated. The Remley Center is also a place students can go if they need an advocate or would like someone to listen to them.

Westminster's First Female President

Dr. Carolyn Perry

On October 24th the members of the Remley Women’s Center invited the Westminster Community into the Center for Faith and Service building to help celebrate Dr. Carolyn Perry, Westminster’s first female president. Having served as the college’s senior vice president since 2012 and Dean of Faculty since 2008, Perry assumed the role of Acting President this August following the resignation of former president Dr. Benjamin Akande. She ended an all-male streak of Westminster presidents dating back to 1855. Students, staff, faculty, and friends gathered in CFS to talk to and congratulate Dr. Perry on all of her success at Westminster, and for stepping up to support the college in its time of need. The Westminster community expressed its gratitude to Dr. Perry and wished her a successful journey. Dr. Perry served as Acting President until November 31st with the arrival of President Fletcher Lampkin.

Photos courtesy of Khaled Khalili
Intern Eljesa Hyseni, Dr. Cinnamon Brown, Olga Trujillo, Dr. Kasi Lacey

Olga Trujillo: The Impact of Physical and Sexual Violence

On March 14th, Westminster Remley Women's Center co-sponsored with William Woods College and CARDV to present Olga Trujillo, a nationally renowned speaker, survivor and attorney dedicated to enhancing understanding of - and building effective responses to - violence against women and children. Olga's mission is to help provide comprehensive, thought-provoking and innovative approaches to child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, immigration and human trafficking issues. Olga spoke about the Impact of Physical & Sexual Violence and allotted time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Westminster's First Annual Women's Retreat

On March 3rd, women of westminster gathered in Hermann Lounge for the Women's Retreat to discuss the inequalities that women face on campus and in the world. The event was sponsored by Westminster faculty and staff members, including Dr. Kasi Lacey, Dr. Cinnamon Brown, Margie Lechner, Anne Rulo, Dr. Kali Wright-Smith, Rev. Jamie Haskins, Kiva Nice-Webb, and Amanda Gowin.

The day consisted of various talks and breakout sessions on how to empower and change the lives of other women and how to educate women to be their best selves. The leaders talked about issues such as creating healthy relationships among other women, how to overcome common challenges that females face daily, and how to amplify other women’s voices and opinions when they feel as though they are not being heard. As an opening and a closing to the event, Rev. Haskins and Nice-Webb had the entire room reciting the expressions “because I am a phenomenal woman” and “phenomenally phenomenal woman, that’s me,” to create unity and power among the women present.

"I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me" -Maya Angelou

March--Women's History Month

As a closing to Women's History Month, and a tribute to the strong and inspiring women of the world, the Remley Center hosted an exhibit celebrating women of the past, present, and those of Westminster. The Remley Center choose twelve inspiring women nominated by Westminster faculty and students from around the world, the past, and the present to honor in an exhibit held in Hermann Lounge on March 29th, 2018. The Remley interns created a display of each of the women, including a biography and a quote about the woman from the person that nominated each individual. Students, staff, and faculty were welcomed from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. with light refreshments to read about these fifteen women and celebrate each them.

Click on the photo to read what our community had to say about these inspiring women

Take Back the night

Fulton's Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence, along with the Remley Center hosted its own Take Back the Night event on Tuesday at the Callaway County Courthouse. Take Back the Night is a national protest against sexual violence and violence against women. It was an opportunity to bring community activists and survivors together to embrace one collective voice and work to end domestic and sexual violence. At the event, the Remley Center Interns provided sticker notes for attendees to share "words of encouragement or personal stories" on a "wall of support" and free mini flashlights to help literally light the night. Holly Bickmeyer, the main speaker of the night, and now advocate against domestic violence smoker about her story of living in an abusive household. Bickmeyer's mother was shot by her stepfather, and died three hours after. She was able to testify against her stepfather which led to his twenty year imprisonment. Bickmeyer found her voice and has since talked to state government officials about topics such as universal background checks and closing the "boyfriend loophole." The event ended with a few questions about domestic/sexual violence. The attendees had to light up their flashlights if they answered yes and it created a sense of unity and one voice.

Members of the Westminster community, Dr. Kasi Lacey, and the Remley Interns
Dr. Brown, Dr. Lacey, Audrey Remley, Interns Jordan Esry, Danielle Crivello, and MaddieLoescher

The Woman that started it all-Audrey Remley

On April 24th, Audrey Remley was back in town for Westminster's Alumni Weekend. On Tuesday, she stopped by to meet some on the interns and check out the new center.

Contact Us

How Can I Get Involved...

  • Looking for an exciting internship opportunity?
  • Do you want to educate the campus community about issues concerning gender?
  • Would you like to be trained to deal with sexual assault procedures?

Please contact any of the interns in this newsletter, or contact either Dr. Kasi Lacey or Dr. Cinnamon Brown for more information. (Kasi.lacey@westminster-mo.edu or Cinnamon.Brown@westminster-mo.edu)

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