Senior News You Can Use February 2017 Edition

We're in our last term of the school year!!! Wow--students' senior year is winding down!! Many students are actually feeling a little sad to think their time at Apollo is coming to a close. Of course most seniors are ready to walk the graduation line and launch into the adult world. Will we have any snow this February or March?? That will dictate our graduation date. I will be letting students and families know the minute the school board sets an official graduation date so your family can make necessary plans. Speaking of graduation, the Class of 2017 has voted on their class motto, which is: To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. The class flower is the white rose. Almost all other graduation decisions have been made by students and our program is being prepared for the printers already.

College and Career Ready

Close to 60% of our senior class is considered College and Career Ready. That means students have reached benchmarks on the ACT exam of 18 in English, 19 in Math and 20 in Reading. During Mission Possible (homeroom time) each day, students who have not achieved these indicators for success are working with teachers in designated areas to help them reach the benchmark(s) they have not obtained yet. There is an online test that is similar to the ACT, KYOTE, that students take at Apollo to see if they are at benchmark. While this test is not recognized at all KY colleges, Apollo does use this tool to determine if students are bench marked for graduation purposes. All students who are CCRd, (College and Career Ready) receive honor cords to wear on graduation day. We will continue to work with students to help them achieve this important milestone.

College Tips

Many seniors headed for college will soon be receiving financial aid award letters from colleges. Seniors and parents should read those letters carefully. The letter will usually show the total cost of attendance--what that school costs for one year, including tuition, fees, meals, books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses. It may also show how much the student's family is expected to pay toward those costs (EFC-Expected Family Contribution). The EFC is subtracted from the total cost of attendance to get a student's financial need. The letter will then list various sources of financial aid offered to pay for the costs not covered by the EFC. Students can accept or reject any or all of those proposed sources. Students can also appeal the awards made if they believe their family's financial circumstances have changed. One consideration is how much of the aid being offered is in federal student loans, which have to be repaid. If the package includes federal loans and isn't enough to pay all expenses, students may be looking at a private loan. Comparison shopping is a must in that case. But don't choose a school based simply on cost. A more expensive college will often be a better choice than picking a less expensive one that turns out not to be a food fit. Transferring or dropping out can increase the total cost of a college degree. ***from KHEAA Counselor Connection, February 2017

What's Coming Up Next for Seniors At Apollo

Scholarship deadlines are approaching!! Students need to keep working on filling out scholarship applications and gathering the materials required to apply for various funds available right now. Many scholarships are posted right now on the Apollo website under the guidance tab, on the scholarships page. Seniors will be doing a final transcript check to ensure that all of their graduation requirements have been met and will be finished by the end of May. Seniors will be voting on Honor Guard staff members to serve on graduation day. Caps and gowns will be delivered in April. Students are encouraged to keep working hard on course work and to finish the school strong.

If I can be of any assistance to you or your family, please don't hesitate to call me at 270-852-7100 or e-mail me at Proud counselor of the Class of 2017, Cristy Dame

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