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I'm the most terrific procrastinator you ever saw in your life. If I go to my computer to finish a school project, I'm liable to just go to my blog and complain about that phony crap for hours. Boy, I can't focus on that stuff for more than ten minutes to save my life. It's terrible. Anyway, I was doing this project in the lab during school, and these goddam noisy girls came in the room and started chewing the rag. That's another thing that gives me a royal pain. I can't stand listening to their corny conversation. You might think I could just ignore it, but I'm easily distracted, I'll admit it. It took me a while to get that old project on the brain again after that. It really did. It was something where we had to write a story we experienced. The only trouble is, I'm a pretty crumby writer. I barely wrote one paragraph in the entire hour. I got to feeling kind of depressed and rotten. Chrissake, I didn't want to spend time doing that lousy thing at home. Finally I had an idea though. I'd just write about the corny thing itself. Boy, did I type that up fast. It only took me about 5 minutes. I'll admit it, I'm pretty good at complaining. I really am. The thing is, I still couldn't drown out those goddam morons' conversation. You'd have hated them. They kept going on about the same phony stuff for an entire hour, for chrissake. I can't stand phony stuff. It's funny. It made me feel sort of sad when they talked about that stuff. I can't think about it for too long or I'll get depressed.

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