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The primary element of all work is safety. Firefighters have protective gear to shield them from heat and flames. Construction workers wear a variety of personal protection such as hard hats, steel toe footwear, and fall suppression gear. Here at Metro Technology Center, safety is a primary concern, and it is my responsibility to teach safety, as much as it is yours to learn.

The following will be a blend of visual aids combined with video to help you become familiar with the layout of the shop, the location of safety devices, as well as procedures we must follow.

Before watching the next video, study the below map of the shop. The video link will follow the pictures below...keep scrolling!

Basic HVAC/R Classroom and Lab Floor Plan - North is to the right. Exit doors access the back parking lot (West)

Look for the below fire extinguisher location in the video

Top Left - Area A, Left Middle - Area B, Bottom Left - Area C, Top Right - Area D, Bottom Right - Classroom

Also, look for the emergency shut-off locations, while viewing the video

Top Left - Shop Entrance, Top Middle - Area A, Bottom Left - Area C, Left - Area D

We will make a final stop at the eye wash sink during the tour.

Located at the front of the lab. Push the paddle for operation

This presentation is an introduction to the elements of safety that are designed to keep us safe in the classroom and in the shop. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility. We must create a "culture of safety" by looking out for ourselves and those around us

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