christopher columbus the man who stol the land


Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. He was a Spanish explorer hoping to find India, to be able to trade spices.

Leif Erikson

On October 12, 1492, Columbus reached the Bahamas. He would then explore the surrounding areas such as Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. He is known for "discovering" the Americas. But, Leif Erikson is the first known European to visit North America. Erikson did this roughly 500 years before Columbus.

pirate ship

At age 41, Columbus would defy disbelievers across Europe, and would lead 4 voyages across uncharted waters from 1492-1504. Despite the myth, people already believed the earth was round. This was a discovery that dates back to the Ancient Greeks in 5th Century B.C. Therefore, Columbus wasn't trying to prove that the earth was round, just that it was possible to sail around it.

Despite the American education system teaching children that Columbus is an idol, he was actually a pretty terrible human being. After invading the Native people's land, he would try to gain their trust and learn their ways. Only after he learned how much gold they posses, he enslaved and mutilated the people. He wrote, "They do not carry arms or know of them... they should be good servants." Columbus would punish the Native people by loss of a limb or even death, for not collecting enough gold. The Europeans brutal treatment and infectious diseases, within decades, the Taino population was decimated.

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