Epic Hero Archetype Traits Project

3 Traits: Companionship, Resiliency, and Courageous

  • Companionship is the feeling of fellowship or friendship. Every epic hero always have companions to help them and do things they wouldn't be able to do. Companions will always stick with the hero no matter what risks that they will take and will aid the hero through their quest.
Odysseus showed his companionship when they were passing through The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis by putting bee wax inside the crew's ears so that they would still row while The Sirens sing. Then Odysseus told his crew members to tie him up on the pole of the mast so that when the Sirens sing, he wouldn't be able escape. His men were always up to the task and would risk their own lives to get home. (Odyssey Book 12, lines 1-70)
  • Resiliency¬†is to recover quickly from difficulties and problems. Every epic hero needs to be resilient because heroes will sometimes fail and get back up to keep on going. Everyone has problems and will always get back up on their feet to do it over.
Odysseus showed that he is resilient when his men and him were stuck in the cave of the cyclops and his men thought that there wasn't a way out. But, Odysseus' resilience was how he kept on going so, he made a plan that they would have to stab the cyclops eye and then make a run for it outside. (Odyssey book 10, lines 225-244)
  • Courageous is to show that you are not deterred by danger or pain and shows that you are brave. Every epic hero must build up courage so that they can overcome their fears and continue on. Everyone always have feared something in their lives,but took courage to overcome that fear.
Throughout the adventure of the Odyssey, Odysseus has always been courageous. Whenever his men and him are in a problem, Odysseus is not afraid and always finds the way through these obstacles. He thinks of very smart plans and is not afraid of anything throughout this long adventure.
Hero I chose:Sora

When Sora first saw the creatures of darkness, he was afraid but the power of light gave him the Keyblade so that he can fight off the darkness. Later on, Sora meets his two faithful companions which are Donald and Goofy and they helped him fight the creatures of darkness. Eventually, these three become friends and travel around various lands to get rid of the darkness surrounding it. Later on, they find Riku, one of Sora's friends, and he took Sora's keyblade as he claims to be the "Keyblade" master and was shocked that he too was a keyblade wielder. Then Goofy and Donald leave Sora for over Riku and just left him. Sora knows for a fact that he is the true keyblade master so he can't give up on himself.

Epic heroes all have different personalities to one another but they are similar one way or another. When I was young, I didn't really have any friends and mostly did my homework and played video games myself. I was very shy and didn't socialize a lot around people which made it harder to find any friends. Eventually, I realized that the heroes in video games sometimes had companions with them and they were friends with one another. They were very calm about what they say and had solutions if they had any situations or problems. I really wanted some friends just like them so I started to talk more socially around people and made some friends. The epic heroes that I looked up to helped me to socialize more around people to find some potential friends and also helped me to not be shy anymore and be brave.

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