Apple Watch is a smart watch made by Apple Inc. Apple watch was released on April 24, 2015 and was an instant success. In 2015, Apple Watch became the best selling wearable device and its popularity has continued to grow since. Since 2015, Apple has developed three series of Apple Watch's and they are sold all over the world. The newest release, Apple Watch Series 2, has recently been released. Apple Watch Series 2 has multiple features and applications "that help you stay active, motivated and connected" (Apple 2016).

The main new feature of the Apple Watch Series 2 is its new lightning-fast dual core processor. This means the new processor makes the newest series much faster than the previous series.

Apple Watches can be used for a multitude of purposes, but people mainly use them for fitness purposes. This is why other features, such as the addition of GPS and its water resistance, have been added to the newest series.

Apple Watches are great for keeping track of fitness!

The Apple Watch is beneficial for people because it allows people to keep track of not only events and the time, but allows people to keep track of their health. It's features of built in GPS, heart rate monitor, water resistance and a comprehensive work out app make the Apple Watch Series 2 a powerful health tool.

"The Apple Watch Series 2 is the best smartwatch-fitness tracker hybrid we've seen, and better than the original watch thanks to a brighter screen, faster performance, and a waterproof design" (pcmag 2016).

The Apple Watch Series 2 still has improvements that need to be made, but overall it's a great device that can help and encourage people to live healthier lives. There are many other benefits of using an Apple Watch, but I think its fitness features are the most beneficial to society.

Apple Watches are the perfect tool to keep track of your health.


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