The Future of Reputations Chapter 11

The Future of Reputations

Summary of the chapter: In the beginning of the chapter it talked about a website called 'AirBnB', the website lets people rent out rooms in your personal house. People talked about their horrors with the website and the people that stayed in their house. It also talks about 'Real Identities Online' in this section it talks about how people were skeptical of the online world at first and all the hackers. The internet then isn't the internet now.

My opinion on the chapter: I liked the chapter, it really interested me and made me think a lot about what's on the internet and what I post of the internet. It also makes me a little worried to sign up on the website like amazon and eBay because I know there are probably hackers there and I don't want my credit card or my identity to get taken over. I would say the chapter related to me a lot.

Favorite Passage: My favorite passage was probably the 'Real Identities Online', because it talks about how people where skeptical of the internet at first and how people stole other people's identities.

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