Artist Sidney Garcia

What do artists do?

You can either be a crafts artist or a fine artist. A crafts artist makes things like pottery for a functional purpose while fine artists create compositions for entertaining purposes. They use different kinds of media like paints (watercolor, acrylic, or oil), ink, charcoal and even crayons. There are many others kinds of artists like cartoonists, fiber artists, ceramic artists, etc.

What's their working environment?

Many artists today are self-employed, which means they work on their own time. They need to manage their use of time, schedule showings, set up a way for people to buy their art and figure out how they'll advertise. Others can get hired by production companies, federal government, or schools. Their work space varies. Some could be in lofts and offices while others could work at home. Although artists can be exposed to dust or other fluids that can harm them. So to stay safe they wear protective gear like goggles.

How to become an artist

Most require a bachelor's or master's degree. Many artists prefer going to college to learn more about art and improve their skills. A lot of colleges offer degrees in fine art along with taking core classes. A big part of being an artist is having a portfolio. A portfolio is a folder or storage place for previous compositions. Directors or buyers would love to see an advanced portfolio containing things from college.


Around $45,080

Job Outlook

There is an estimated growth rate of 2% from 2014 to 2024 which is slower than the average.

State and Area Data

New York and California has the most occupations. Texas only about 7% of industry employment.

Similar occupations

Art directors are the ones that deal with images from magazines and newspapers who make approximately $89,760. Multimedia artists and animators make visual effects for different types of media. They make about $67,130. Photographers use technical expertise along with a camera to tell a story. With that and their pictures. They make about $31,710.


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