An Outward Perspective To Kill a mockingbird: Avery Meiners

The town mob outside of Tom Robinson's jail cell.

Mr. Cunningham's Perspective

We all got out of the cars eager to have justice for the Ewell's. As we approached Atticus, we already knew his stance on Tom Robinson and moving him out of the way was not against him but what we had to do. We got each other rallied up and tried to persuade Atticus; the easy way. I had so much anger towards the Negro I wanted to scream for him to get up and fight... and yet some how I was whispering. Through the whispering voices, I was quick to find Atticus without back up, as our plan had been executed well. I started thinking Atticus isn't very strong we can have Billy and Judson hold him down if need and then the rest of us can--- "h-ey Atticus!" My thoughts were interrupted by a high pitch voice, that came with a little body about the size of my dear boy Walter. She was irrelevant, I could easily pick her up but Atticus already seemed to be sending her (and 2 other boys that shortly appeared) home. Maybe we have just found our leg up on him. Who will he protect more... his case or his childr--- "Hey, Mr. Cunningham" Yet again my thoughts were interrupted by this child. Does she not get it? This is the dumbest child I have ever--- "Hey, Mr. Cunningham! How's your entailment get-tin' along?" How does she know what entailment's are? I looked down to think about it yet she was quick to inform me about my payments to Atticus. Gee that was a sure nice thing he did for me. She knew a lot about me and my son Walter telling me nice things about him and how there friends, but I had to ignore that and keep in mind why we came. I just couldn't anymore... she caught me so off guard and the last thing in my mind now was Tom Robinson.

Tom Robinson's jail cell.

Jem trashing Mrs. Dubose front yard

Jem Finches perspective

After I had purchased my dream toy; that being the steam engine, it was more of an excitement leading up to buy it rather than having it in my hand. I put it aside in my pocket to help Scout pick the ugly girly baton she wanted. A baton? Gee Scout is becoming more like a girl every day! Why would you waste your money on such a useless thing, I thought to myself. That was the last sane thing I thought.... On our way home as we passed Mrs. Dubose house, there was no crone lady in sight. Ugh did I have such hatred towards that old rag, and for who is she to say that Atticus is "no better than the niggers and trash he works for!" Atticus is a gentleman and so am I. If she believes that he is trash, then I'm going to show her trash. I don't know what came over me but I did not regret it and i'd do it again if I had the chance. I couldn't stop myself, I began to cut the tops off of every Camilla bush and I knew I was done once the ground had looked like the foliage of fall. After my eyes had meet every cut off leave and green bud, I looked at Scout judging me for taking action. There was something in her eyes that destroyed me. She looked at me like a lost cause, like someone who had the potential to do something good, but failed. She looked at me like Atticus would have. How dare she look at me with higher morality? I couldn't control my actions they just came out like my emotions that I have been trying so hard to ignore. I began flailing my arms destroying anything that lied before me. As I got a hold of reality, I saw the snapped baton in the distance, with the yard trashed more then it was. I had to escape and I began dragging Scout along with me scrapping her up in my mess. I was running away... trying to forget the mess of this entire thing and I didn't mean Mrs. Dubose's yard.

Mrs. Dubose's property

Dill and Scout prattling on the topic of being unwanted.

Dill's perspective

As I scurried into bed; beside the one person that was able to melt my heart and make it pound out of my chest, I finally felt were I belonged. I told scout "I just want to sleep with you. Are you waked up?" Little did she know my intention the whole time was to strike her awake. She asked me the simplest of questions "why'd you do it?" I knew what she was asking, she wanted to know why I ran away. I didn't answer because I didn't fully know myself but I also wanted to hear her voice again, and she now spoke harder, asking the question more directly. I again avoided the question and then she went on to something about a boat.... A boat! Gee I was looking forward to making that and with- my thoughts were cut off by the void my new "father" fabricated. He made my mom obscure to even the thought of me, "he- they just wasn't interested in me." Before I new it my mouth was speaking for me... out loud. Scout looked puzzled and I now understood how silly it was for me to leave. But as I explained the relationship that was beginning to appear myopic between my parents and I, I just new Scout would not understand. Sometimes when you tell a person your problems, they take it upon themselves to make it a competition. Scout was always competitive and surely enough she went on about how she felt just the same. I had to remind her of how well she has it here and that she is the glue to the family, but she wasn't having a word. So I played along with her, acting out as if both us were the misfit toys in this world. It was only ever I who never belonged, and there was not one person like me--"Dill?" My sleepy thoughts were interrupted. I replied with a tired "Mm?" Scout asked "Why do you reckon Boo Radley's never run off?" It didn't take me long to think about it before i replied with, "maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to...." It was then I realized I was feeling pity again but this time not for myself, but someone new. It was a nice distraction that lead me into a deep slumber.

Scout and Dill comforting one another to sleep.

Miss. Maudie and the Finch kids/Dill eating cake after the trail

Miss. Maudies perspective

The day felt cold, and yet it was 10 degrees warmer then the earlier day. I stepped outside intending to find the Finch children playing; for they spent so much of their time in that yard, that I was almost positive they slept their too. I called out for Jem Finch to come over and he was shortly followed by his posse'. The kids were dragging over and my attention was changed to Mrs. Stephanie. All that women would ever do is stick her nose in other peoples business and not just out of curiosity but to find fault in people. I had no time for her today as I demonstrated harshly by calling out "hush, stephanie." I explained to the children as they reluctantly walked over how I woke up at five just to provide cake to their tiny bellies and their feet began to pick up. When the children locked eyes on the two tiny cakes and a third big one, they were unable to focus on anything else. They needed a distraction from the mess of the trail and I wanted them to understand nothing had changed. I felt under par for I only provided two tiny cakes, forgetting about Dill. I cut from the big cake, so all of my kids would get an equal peace. It's funny, I always thought of them as mine. Not like a mom but more of an Aunt and I would always be here to comfort them. I could always watch my children as they tried to shovel all the icing and cake in their little mouths at once, and sometimes they even split their lip trying to get a bigger bite. Nothing had to be said, their company was always enough. Children were my type of people, they always would rejoice with people that did well. As for adults, they will want to see you do well, but never better. I hope these kids stay young forever and yet they just experienced the most critical moment of their childhood, but I would never let them know that. "Don't fret, Jem. Things are never as bad as they seem."

The children scarfing down cake


The purpose of this assignment was to see the story, and the events which take place from different characters point of views. Mr. Crooke was trying to mimic Atticus in which Atticus states "if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." Mr. Crooke teaches valuable life long lessons that we can take away from stories and in this assignment he was enabling us to think like someone else. I believed this assignment allowed us students to write with creativity while applying our knowledge of the book, especially the characters among it. I enjoyed adding little extra detail of how the characters would think/ respond to the scenario. In each perspective I most certainly believe I captured the true personality of each character and I am very please with my work. Not only did I enjoy being creative but I learned to think more outside of the box.

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