Basilica of Constantine (Basilica Maxentius)

The main purpose which the structure and architectural style of basilicas served was to allow space for public meetings, courts, and town administration. Maxentius, who originally began the building of the basilica, intended it to serve as administrative offices for the city's Prefect; however, when Constantine took over construction, the basilica served as a church.

Construction of the Basilica was started around 306 C.E. by Maxentius (this is why it also often referred to as the Basilica Maxentius). However, when Constantine killed Maxentius, he also took over construction of the basilica. Constantine finished building the basilica some time after 313 C.E.
Artitst's Representation of how it would have looked

The basilica, as it was a very large structure, eventually collapsed. It is believed to have collapsed during an earthquake. Although there is some minor construction and restoration which occurs at the site of the monument, the structure itself was never fully restored or repurposed for some other use, and it lies in a ruinous state today.

Basilica Constantini modum architectura Romanorum ostendit.

Modus architectura Romanorum a Basilicā Constantini ostentus est.

(The Basilica of Constantine as seen today)

By: Ashwin Pillai and Nick Gregovich

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