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The Apple Watch is a smart watch that acts as a computer attached to your wrist. This technology works by pairing to one of your other smart apple devices to your watch and basically wearing your computer or smart phone on your wrist. Along with telling time the watch can perform other applications like text messaging, emailing, phone calling, playing music, and even acts as a heart rate monitor to keep track of your physical activity. The apple watch was released in September 2014 and since then has been a novel creation in the technology world. The Apple Watch has allowed us to keep our world at our fingertips by constantly being connected and therefore staying organized. The goal of the apple watch was to always have your device on hand while being free from your phone or laptop. As our generation is moving towards a 'smart world', inventors at apple wanted to design a new smart device attached to the body and it almost seemed obvious to start with a watch.

Run your world from your wrist.

The Apple watch has become a novel creation to society as it has developed a way for us to keep connected and manage our lived from our wrists. The Apple Watch not only allows us to get notifications from anytime at anyplace but it also allows us to manage our fitness to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Benefits to Society

The Apple Watch is being used in multiple different ways to benefit society. It has worked to not only make our world a better place but also to make our lives easier. The apple watch has changed the game for many individuals especially in the business world. According to an article titled "How the Apple Watch will impact business users", it states that users will be able to ease workday challenges such as carry an electric plane boarding pass on their wrist, pay for lunch with a client, send emails and text messages without taking out their phone, accept calls, view and make adjustments to their daily calendar and many more. The Apple Watch has also worked to improve health and fitness goals in society. The watch not only tracks your activity passively but also sends you little reminders to stand up and how close you are to achieving your fitness goals. This enables society to become more aware and engaged in their fitness therefore working to improve societies health. in an article called "The Health Benefits of the Apple Watch", they describe the Apple Watch as your own on demand personal trainer constantly working to meet your fitness goals.

Although we can all agree the Apple Watch has been a tremendous breakthrough in technology there are still some minor concerns. Some people are beginning to find our world being taken over by technology and wonder when are we taking it too far? Since the Apple Watch keeps us connected at all times how will we ever escape the online world and when will we be able to disconnect? This makes people wonder if gadgets like the apple watch are a threat to society.

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